Theses Mentored


  • (*= Environmental Studies Student, += Biology/Geology Interdisciplinary)


  • +Adler, David. 1995. The effects of natural rock types on the settlement of Fucus spiralis : a problem of scale. (Biology-Geology interdisciplinary, Highest Honors)
  • Brogan, Gilbert. 1995. Seasonal changes in mesograzer population dynamics with respect to algal hosts and faunal mobility.
  • Guay, David A. 1995. A study of long term changes in the structure of an intertidal mudflat community in Wiscasset, Maine, USA.
  • Balachuta, Christine. 1995. Long-term changes in the abundance of Glycera dibranchiata on an intertidal mudflat in Maine.


  • Friedlaender, Ari, S. 1996. Age determination, growth, and population structure of stranded harbor seals, Phoca vitulina concolor, from Long Island Sound. (High Honors)
  • Hayes, Loren, D. 1996. Pulse train characteristics of the electric organ discharge (EOD) during the communication behavior of two skate species (Raja ocellata and Rerinacea) (Honors)
  • Matlen, Colleen. 1996. The effects of increased carbon on sedimentary protein concentrations of the Charleston Bump, South Carolina, U.S.A.
  • Page, Teri. 1996. Macrofaunal distribution and abundance in salt marsh pannes: The effects of physical characteristics and predator abundance.


  • Buckstaff, Kara C. 1997. Effects of nutrient additions on growth and community compositions of phytoplankton in Lake Winebago, WI. (Honors)
  • Chichester, Heather. 1997. Habitat usage and feeding behavior of the Florida Manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris) in Sarasota Bay, Florida. (Honors)
  • Garnett, W. 1997. Iron dependency of Glycera dibranchiata.
  • Brines, E. 1998. The radioactive contamination of the Kara Sea: An investigation of the sources, mechanisms of transport, and environmental policies. (Russian Department)
  • +Reiner, J. 1998. Dynamics of sediment-starved hard bottoms: The roles of endolithic bivalves and epibenthic macroalgae in sediment production.


  • Grable, M. 1999. Distribution and abundance of infauna on the Chukchi Shelf: influences of water column processes.
  • McAuliffe, S. 1999. Effects of bait-worm digging on infaunal communities in the St. George River, Maine
  • O’Leary, S. 1999. Effects of bait-worm digging on the soft-shelled clam Mya arenaria: Predation on exposed individuals.
  • + Tilney, P. 1999. Distribution and abundance of epibenthic organisms on the Chukchi Shelf based on ROV images. (Biology-Geology interdisciplinary)


  • *Canfield, Susannah, 2000. Chemical analysis of anthropogenic heavy-metal contamination and its relation to land use in the Webhannet River marsh, Wells, Maine (Honors).
  • Kasper, Jacob. Phenotypic and genotypic variations of Nucella lapilus across a gradient of wave exposure in Maine, USA.

2000-2001- Sabbatical Year


  • Businksi, Tara 2002. Effects of bait-worm digging on intertidal benthic carbon remineralization, (Honors)
  • Meltzer, Kate 2002. Interannual growth rate variation in the soft-shelled clam, Mya arenaria, and its relationship to interannual temperature differences and habitat at Maquoit Bay, Maine (Honors).
  • *Stefany, Elizabeth 2002. Comparison of macrobenthic structure inside and outside a Zostera marina bed in Maquoit Bay, Maine.


  • *Jones, Tim 2003. A 25 year retrospective study on the growth rate of the soft-shelled clams, Mya arenaria, in relation to changing environmental conditions throughout New England.
  • Lewis, Janice 2003. The growth of Serripes groenlandicus, Mya arenaria, and Clinocardiium nuttalli, in relation to environmental conditions at Kotzebue Sound, Alaska.
  • *Nordstrom, Leana. Annual growth in Macoma balthica in Kotzebue Sound, Alaska, as an indication of changing environmental parameters.


  • Southgate, Andy 2004. Effect of seagrass, Zostera marina, on the growth rate of the hard clam,Mercenaria mercenaria.


  • Bowie, Jackie 2005. Distribution, abundance and respiration of epibenthos in the Beaufort Sea.
  • McMahon, K.W. 2005. Impacts of changing food supply on Arctic benthos: Digestibility of ice algae and phytoplankton. (Honors)
  • Stinson, L.T. 2005. Growth of the Arctic bivalve, Serripes groenlandicus, from Norway, Alaska, and Greenland: Large scale climate patterns and local conditions.
  • *Sypitkowksi, Eben 2005. Bait worm (Glycera dibranchiata) digging in Maine: effort and sediment disturbance (Honors)


  • Dupee, Brian 2006.The effect of bait-worm digging and epibenthic predation on the growth and survivorship of the soft-shelled clam (Mya arenaria) and on the abundance and diversity of soft-sediment infauna.
  • Edgerly, Jessica  2006. Trophic role of the invasive crab Carcinus maenas in a southern Maine marsh described by stable isotopes and gut contents.
  • Millstein, Erika S. 2006. Effects of commercial bait-worm digging for Glycera dibranchiata on intertidal soft-sediment communities in Maine.
  • Nolan, Katharine 2006. Evidence for Arctic climate change based on the growth rates of modern and fossilized Hiatella arctica and Mya truncate from Svalbard.


  • Doleac, Jessa 2007. Long-term changes on an protected mudflat in mid-coast Maine.
  • Feinberg, Luke 2007. Effect of bait-worm digging on the growth and survivorship of juvenile, pre-commercial and commercial sized soft-shelled clams (Mya arenaria).
  • Flecher, Christine 2007. Development of a Marine Sciences Curriculum for High School.
  • Speers, Ann 2007. Short- and long-term effects of bait-worm (Glycera dibranchiata) digging on nutrient cycling in Maine benthic tidal flat communities.
  • Warren, Joe 2007. The bloodworm fishery in mid-coast Maine.
  • Woll, Christine 2007. The effects of bait-worm (Glycera dibranchiata) harvesting on nfaunal density, composition, and diversity on intertidal mudflats in Mid-Coast Maine


  • Henkes, Gregory 2008. Mineral and isotopic geochemical evidence for environmental change in the shells of the smooth Greenland cockle, Serripes groenlandicus, from the Barents Sea.
  • Hardy, Jeanette 2008. Implications of climate change in the arctic based on the growth of Hiatella arctica from the Western Barents Sea.
  • *Jones, Melissa M. 2008. The short term effects of bait-worm (Glycera dibranchiata) digging on sediment oxygen demand and nitrogen cycling on two intertidal flats in Maine.
  • Locke, William L. V. 2007. Effects of bloodworm (Glycera dibranchiata) digging and epibenthic predation on growth and survival of pre-commercial softshelled clams (Mya arenaria).


  • Levin, Benjamin S. 2008. Geographic variation in growth of the Greenland smooth cockle (Serripes groenlandicus) around Svalbard: Influence of water column properties and regional climate indices.
  • Ryan, Stuart 2009. Growth rate of the hairy cockle (Clinocardium ciliatum) across the polar front in the Barents Sea.
  • McMahon, Caitlin 2009. Long and short-term effects of baitworm digging on the feeding behavior of ring-billed gulls on mudflats in Maine.

2009-2010 Sabbatical Year


  • *Antell, Edmund 2011. Growth rates and Diet of the commercially important baitworm Glycera dibranchiata (bloodworm) in Maine.
  • Bernard, Andrew 2011. Interannual growth rate variation in the soft-shelled clam, Mya arenaria, and its relationship to environmental conditions at Maquoit Bay, Maine.
  • Harris, Carrie M. 2011. Stable isotopic shifts in late Holocene fish bones from multiple archaeological coastal middens in Penobscot Bay Maine.
  • Maliwanag, Marissa D. 2011. Annual growth rates and stable carbon isotope analysis of the soft-shelled clam (Mya arenaria) as potential proxies for environmental change in the Gulf of Maine over the past 4400 years.
  • *Silverson, Nicholas J. 2011. Interannual variation in the growth patterns of the circumpolar green sea urchin (Stronglycentrotus droebachiensis) in a high arctic fjord on Svalbard as a proxy for climatic variability.


  • *Chebot, Benjamin 2012. Annual timing of growth line deposition and comparative growth analysis of modern and archaic Mya arenaria from Penobscot Bay, Maine.
  • Johnston, Amy E. 2012. Annual growth rates and shell analysis of Patella vulgata (the common limpet) from Sandwick South Site, Unst, Shetland Islands, UK.
  • Srisamart, Saya 2012. Seasonality of Drinking Place Brook site, Vinalhaven, ME, based on margin analysis of archaeological Microgadus tomcod otoliths.
  • Zera, Kristy A. 2012. Comparisons of δ13C stable isotopes and trace mineral concentrations of modern and archeological Mya arenaria shells from the Turner Farm midden and nearby mudflats on North Haven Island, Penobscot Bay, Maine.


  • Borland, Gabriel 2013. Causation and timing of growth line deposition in the soft-shelled bivalve Mya arenaria.
  • MacDonald, Ryan 2013. Geographic and tidal height variation of growth rates in adult soft-shelled clams, Mya arenaria, along the Maine coast.
  • Mauck, Henry 2013. A retrospective study on the changing growth rate of the soft-shelled clam, Mya arenaria, since 1981 and across latitudinal variation along the New England coast.
  • *LaRosa, Stephanie 2013. Growth variability and mineralongy of Margaritifera margaritifera from Karpelva, Norway.
  • Lawson, Liz 2013. Growth line deposition and growth of Mytilus edulis from Kongsfjord, Svalbard, Norway.
  • Johnson, Hansen 2013. Diversity and characterization of songs in the Bering-Chukchi-Beaufort population of Bowhead Whales (Balaena mysticetus) during their spring migration.