Carla Essenberg – Plant Ecology

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My research focuses on pollination ecology.  I am particularly interested in how plants manipulate pollinator behavior and ways in which pollinator behavior in turn influences plant ecology and evolution.  I am also happy to advise thesis projects related to pollinator conservation, including community-engaged projects.

For more information, see the Essenberg lab website.”

Recent Publications

Essenberg, C. J., R. A. Easter, R. A. Simmons, and D. R. Papaj. 2015. The value of information in floral cues: bumblebee learning of floral size cues. Behavioral Ecology. doi: 10.1093/beheco/arv061. <link to article>

Essenberg, C. J. 2013. Scale-dependent shifts in the species composition of flower visitors with changing floral density. Oecologia 171:187-196. <Abstract>

Essenberg, C. J. 2012. Explaining variation in the effect of floral density on pollinator visitation. American Naturalist 180:153-166.

Recent Student Theses

Carla’s students’ theses