BIT Members

Paul Menice, Interim Director of Security
(207) 786-6254,

Erin Foster Zsiga, Senior Associate Dean of Students
(207) 786-6215,

John Heutz, Security Officer Supervisor
(207) 786-6254,

Kathy Low, Associate Dean of the Faculty
(207) 786-6186,

Kevin McHugh, Athletics Director
(207) 786-6341,

Abigail Nelson, Assistant Dean for Accessible Education and Student Support
(207) 786-6222,

Luke Douglass, Interim Director of Counseling and Psychological Services
(207) 786-6200,

Carl Steidel, Senior Associate Dean of Students, Team Coordinator
(207) 786-6220,

Assistant Vice President of Human Resources and Environmental Health and Safety
(207) 786-6170, Position Currently Vacant