Building Evacuation Policy

Bates College is committed to the safety of all who live on, work at, and visit the campus. The building evacuation policy will ensure that in the event of a fire or other emergency, all building occupants will be able to exit the building safely and know where to assemble to await further instructions.


Building evacuation policy requirements apply to all students, employees, visitors and contractors that are living on, working at, or visiting Bates College property. Participation in building evacuations, both real and practice/drill events, is mandatory.


  • Senior Emergency Response Group
  • Campus Safety
  • Environmental Health and Safety Department


At the sound or sight of alarm activation, or via direction from Bates authority or Lewiston Fire Department, all building occupants must immediately exit the building. Do not take time to gather personal belongings.

Upon discovery of a fire or other similar emergency, close the door, pull the fire alarm near the exit or entrance to the stairway that is closest to you, and exit the building immediately. Do not use the elevator. Help others exit if you are able and it is safe to do so.

Each building has an initial assembly area. Go to your designated assembly area and await further instructions. Notify Bates Campus Safety at 6111 or 207-786-6111 or by activating one of the blue light push button emergency alarms. Please remain in the initial assembly area until directed to do otherwise.

Note: Only properly trained individuals may use a fire extinguisher. Use only if the fire is blocking your exit from the building.

Building-specific fire and evacuation plans have been provided to building occupants.


Employees will be trained upon hire, with periodic reminders thereafter. If any employee would like additional information about their building’s specific fire safety equipment, or evacuation procedures, or if they are assigned to a different building, they can contact Bates Environmental Health and Safety at 6143 or 8226.

Revision No. 6   September 25, 2019