Emergency Procedures

In the event of a Medical Emergency

  • Call x6111
  • Stay with the injured person
  • If qualified, provide medical treatment
  • DO NOT attempt to move the patient unless necessary

In the event of a Fire

  • Pull the alarm and evacuate the building immediately (If qualified use an extinguisher)
  • After evacuation, if possible call x6111 to give further information
  • Gather and wait at the prearranged meeting area (Student Houses and Residence Halls)
  • DO NOT re-enter until the “All Clear” has been given

If observing a crime, act of violence, or suspicious condition

  • Call x6111 to provide information
  • Intervene only if it can be done safely
  • If it is unsafe, evacuate the area immediately

In the event of an accident in a college or rental vehicle

  • Call the police and request services needed
  • Secure the scene
  • Obtain and provide vehicle, driver, and insurance information
  • File a report with Campus Safety as soon as possible

If a disaster is declared

  • Activate department call trees
  • Activate department Emergency Plan
  • Follow the instructions of Emergency Responders and Officials

If a hazardous spill occurs

  • Call x6111
  • Secure the area if it is safe to do so
  • DO NOT attempt to clean up the spill unless you are trained to do so

In the event of an ammonia leak

  • Follow all warnings
  • Leave Underhill immediately
  • Move a minimum of 300′ up wind
  • Call x6111 with any pertinent information