Responding to Off-Campus Requests


Will Campus Safety be present off-campus, driving on local streets?

Students will see the Campus Safety team present on local streets adjacent to campus where a concentration of off-campus Bates students live. Campus Safety staff will work with and encourage students to be respectful of our neighbors surrounding the college.  

Campus Safety will co-respond to off-campus houses only when requested by the Lewiston Police Department (LPD).  Off-campus students must recognize that Campus Safety is not always notified by the Lewiston Police Department for unlawful noise or nuisance parties. 

When Campus Safety co-responds with LPD, the Lewiston Police Department will always be the lead agency on scene. In most cases Campus Safety will remain outside the residence to assist, as necessary.

Bates Campus Safety personnel are not sworn law enforcement agents and therefore must not act as such.  

Does Campus Safety respond to assistance requests from students or neighbors?

When a call for assistance at an off-campus location is requested through Bates Dispatch, the Dispatcher will take the appropriate information and offer to contact the Lewiston Police Department and have LPD officers respond accordingly. 

What does Campus Safety do when present in surrounding neighborhood locations?

Campus Safety personnel responsibilities while present in surrounding neighborhoods are to observe and report.  When observing a reportable event, Campus Safety personnel will request Dispatch to contact the Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) and report the event to the 911 Communications Center. 

What is Campus Safety’s role when they respond with another LEA such as LPD?

When Campus Safety personnel are asked to assist a LEA off-campus, they must allow the responding LEA to make initial contact with the parties involved.  This affords the responding law enforcement officers the opportunity to observe/assess the scene first-hand.

The role of Campus safety personnel who respond to disturbances off-campus or neighborhood complaints are limited in scope. In most cases, Campus Safety personnel are limited to the following activities:

  • Aiding the LEA in verifying the identity of the individual(s) and attesting to their status as student(s) of the college.
  • If the individuals are indeed students of the college, informing the occupant of the residence of any possible violations of the Code of Student Conduct.
  • Responding Campus Safety personnel should also gather enough information to prepare a written report; which at a minimum will include the name(s) of the student(s) and other pertinent information shared with the Campus Safety personnel by the responding LEA.  The report should include any information regarding possible violations of Bates student code of conduct.

Will Campus Safety enter off-campus housing?

At no time shall Campus Safety personnel engage in an investigation that leads to them entering an off-campus apartment unless they are invited in by the LEA (who shall have sufficient cause, a warrant, or an invitation from the renter) or by the renter(s) of the apartment.

Mandatory Written Report Requirement

Whenever Campus Safety personnel are dispatched to an off-campus location, a written report must be prepared and provided. Campus Safety personnel are expected to complete such reports prior to the end of their shift.

Will Campus Safety respond to wellness checks or contact requests?

Campus Safety will respond to requests for wellness checks or contact requests only after receiving approval from the Student Affairs Administrator On Call or a representative from Student Affairs.

Will Campus Safety respond to requests for medical assistance?

Campus Safety will dispatch United Ambulance Service to the off-campus location provided by the caller.  Bates Campus Safety will also inform student callers that Bates EMS is not able to respond, nor will Campus Safety respond.  Bates Campus Safety will only respond at the request of United Ambulance Service or any other LEA.