Campus Safety Advisory Council

Name: Perla Figuereo
Year: 2021
Hometown: Bronx, NY & Santiago, Dominican Republic
Fun Fact: I love learning how to introduce myself in different languages.
Name: Imti Hassam
Year: 2023
Fun Fact:  I’m truly passionate about restorative justice.  I’ve been trained in facilitation because of a group called Seeds of Peace.
Name: Joshua Redd
Year: 2021
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Fun Fact: I’m a leftie!
Name: Rachel Retana
Year: 2022
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Fun Fact: I had the opportunity to study with several other Bates students in the Dominican Republic for a short term my first-year!
Name: Lebanos Mengistu
Year: 2021
Hometown:  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Somerville, MA
Fun Fact:  I studied abroad my junior year of high school at the School for Ethics and Global Leadership and my junior year of college in Accra, Ghana.