Security Advisory Council

Name: Carlyle Turner
Class Year: 2019
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Fun Fact: When I was a junior in high school, I spent three nights and four days in solitude in the New Hampshire woods (and loved every minute of it).
Name: Rachel Retana
Year: 2022
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Fun Fact: I’ve personally met the entire Chicago Cubs Baseball Team
Name: Anna Landgren
Class Year: 2022
Hometown: Boxford, Massachusetts
Fun Fact: I won a serious pie eating contest in high school.
Name: Lydia Sullivan Email:
Class Year: 2020
Hometown: Yarmouth, Maine
Fun Fact: I grew up on an Island!
Name: Areohn Harrison
Class Year: 2020
Hometown: Rockville, MD
Fun Fact: My favorite genre of music is R&B!
Helen Carr
Class year: 2021
Hometown: Tarrytown, NY
Fun fact: I can do a one-handed handstand!