Bates Bands

Bates College is home to countless student performers, musicians and bands. Below are some student bands that may be welcoming new members or willing to perform a show.

Contact: Ayesha Sharma 

G Unit
Band Contact: Will Hallett 
Band Members: Will Hallett, Cecil Gardener, and friends.

The Good Luck Gentlemen
Band Contact: Henry Baird 
Band Members: Henry Baird, Myles Gibbons, Charlie Colony, Ned Thunem

Band Contact: Benjamin Cuba
Band Members: Gabriel Mizrachi (Guitar & Vocals), William Reber (Piano/Guitar & Vocals), Porter Harrast (Bass & Vocals), Benjamin Cuba (Drums)

Contact: Zach Kinsella 

The Remedy
Band Contact: Elliot Chun 
Band Members: Justin Demers, Patrick Nelson, Summer Peterson, Ian Clarkson, Matt Marcus, Elliot Chun

The Retrievers
Band Contact: Declan Chu 
Band Members: Kelsey Berry, Declan Chu, Maddie Mclean