CHPB: The Board

The Chase Hall Programming Board consists of 16 members and they are either elected by the previous year’s executive board or chosen by the Committee Selection Board. In addition to the 16 members on the board, there are also shadow positions reserved for freshmen that the Committee Selection Board hires in the fall. For more information about the shadow positions, please contact one of the co-presidents.

2017-18 Executive Board

Co-Presidents: Dan Willsey and Kinsey Moser

Vice President: Oliver Farnum

Secretary: Alexa Harrison (fall) and Chris Lee (winter)

Treasurer: Adam Poulin (fall) and Ross Ackerman (winter)

Winter Carnival Chairs: Alex Murray-Tacon and Doris Etienne

Concert Chairs: Adam Gardner and Nick Eaton

Dance Chairs: Julia Panepinto and Angela Kemfack

Publicity Chairs: Maddie Fagundo

Social Media Chair: Andrea Aguilera

Web Director: Teagan Ladner

Community Liaison: Cash Hadden