Let’s Talk Inclusivity!

Join Campus Life staff and student Training & Leadership Development Assistants (TLDA) to discuss ways to make club/org and Campus Life employment experiences more inclusive. What systems, structures and policies need updating? What can you do in your areas of influence to encourage an inclusive space? Everyone is welcome!

Note that these sessions are structured to be an open forum, where individuals can come to crowdsource ideas, take those ideas back to their respective environment(s), try them out, and report back at a future session for further input.

The Let’s Talk Inclusivity! series of workshops provides an opportunity to discuss concepts that span a variety of topics, many of which are deeply personal. They also exist in, act upon, and are acted upon in our community in many ways. Therefore, we ask that participants consider:

  • Recognizing individual gender pronoun use.
  • Utilizing contemporary and relevant language around social identities.
  • Utilizing language that recognizes varying abilities and is not ableist.
  • Utilizing language inclusive of diverse global contexts.
  • Utilizing this space for developmental and educational support of attendees who may be unfamiliar with inclusive language practices.

More dates to be announced!