Club/Org COVID-19 Guidelines

The following are based on the college’s COVID-19 policies, and should be followed for all club/org activities, including meetings and events/programs. Please contact Campus Life if you have questions regarding how to implement them.

Please note that these guidelines are subject to change at any time. Major updates will be communicated to club/org leaders as soon as they are posted.

Last updated: September 25, 2020
Latest updates: Added the “Virtual Activities” section.

Past updates

  • 09.08.20: Updated the “Performing Clubs” section

Personal Protective Measures

  • Distance of at least six feet must be maintained between individuals at all times.
  • Individuals must wear a mask covering their nose and mouth at all times.

Space Reservation

  • Clubs/orgs must use the Event Management System (EMS), found at, to reserve space for in-person gatherings. If a space is not listed in EMS, please contact Campus Life for guidance.
  • Note that due to anticipated demand for campus spaces, there may be limits as to how frequently a club/org may reserve a space.

Attendance and Capacity

  • Per state of Maine policies on gatherings, club/org gatherings must generally be smaller than 50 attendees indoors, and 100 attendees outdoors. The college and Campus Life reserve the right to limit attendance at club/org events/programs to fewer than this guidance, due to space availability, the nature of the event/program, and the ability to safely manage it based on college COVID-19 policies.
  • The general capacity of campus spaces may be found at Note that based on the nature of your event/program, its actual capacity may differ. Contact Campus Life for guidance.
  • In-person events/programs must be ticketed via an Eventbrite page created by Campus Life. Eventbrite must be used to check attendees in for the purpose of contact tracing. 
  • Limits may be placed on the number of tickets an individual can reserve to ensure as many individuals as possible are able to experience an event/program.
  • In-person club/org meetings do not have to be ticketed, but Bates Engage must still be used to track attendance for the purpose of contact tracing.

Space Cleaning

  • Commonly-used furniture (e.g., tables, chairs, desks, etc.) must be cleaned and disinfected prior to and after club/org meetings using the college’s cleaning protocol. Note that this process takes at least 15 minutes – plan accordingly.
  • Custodial support will likely be booked for late night events/programs. Club/org leaders will not be expected to assist with cleaning if custodial support is present. Campus Life will advise club/org leaders of this in advance.
  • Attendees should be asked to sanitize their hands before entering and after leaving the space.


  • Food at club/org activities is currently not permitted. Campus Life will monitor this situation as the semester evolves and provide updated guidance when possible.


  • Clubs/orgs may not invite visitors – individuals that are not Bates students, faculty, or staff –  to campus. This includes speakers and performers, guests from other colleges at events, as well as coaches and other advisors that are not Bates employees.


  • Due to college COVID-19 policies, club/org overnight travel and travel outside of the state of Maine are not permitted. Campus Life is also limiting all day trips within Maine. If your student club or org is interested in planning an off-campus trip or activity,  please visit this site for more information on club/org travel.

Virtual Activities

Performing Clubs

In addition to the rest of the Club/Org COVID-19 Guidelines, clubs/orgs are prohibited from the following:

  • Singing in groups, defined as more than one person in any in person setting. This includes practices and performances, even if there is no one else in attendance.

  • Playing wind instruments of any kind in groups, defined as more than one person in any one person setting. This includes practices and performances, even if there is no one else in attendance.

Recreational Sport Clubs and Athletic Activities