Party Registration Policy

All on-campus parties involving alcohol must be registered with the Office of Campus Life. Please note that you may only register parties in the building you live in. If you want to register a party with alcohol in a building in which you do not live, you must partner with someone who lives there to co-host the event. Parties will typically only be approved if they take place after 7:00pm on Friday or Saturday, though there may be special circumstances under which parties will be approved on weeknights.

2019-20 spaces designated for parties with alcohol: Hacker, Hopkins, John Bertram ground floor lounge, Mitchell, Moody, Moulton, Rzasa, Small, and Smith basement.

Party Registration Process

(1) Fill out the Party Request Form below.

(2) You and your co-host (if applicable) will attend a meeting with the Office of Campus Life to review all Maine State laws and Bates College policies related to alcohol and to sign the Party Registration form (formerly known as a blue slip). You may view the Party Registration form to become familiar with its requirements here.

(3) You and your co-host (if applicable) will procure the amount of alcohol and food approved in the meeting with Campus Life.

(4) You will return the receipt(s) for this purchase to Campus Life, who will then give final sign-off on your party and submit the Party Registration form to Bates Security.

Please contact the Office of Campus Life with any questions regarding this policy.