Party Registration Policy

All student events involving alcohol must be registered with the Office of Campus Life. Please note that you may only register parties in spaces in the building you live in. If you want to register a party with alcohol in a building in which you do not live, you must partner with someone who lives there to plan the event.

Submissions to the below form must be completed a minimum of two weeks prior to your event to ensure that there is adequate time for you to obtain materials and meet with Office of Campus Life staff.

2016-17 Spaces Designated for Parties with Alcohol: Chase House, Hacker, Hayes, Herrick, Holmes, Hopkins, John Bertram ground floor lounge, Mitchell, Moody, Moulton, Pierce, Rzasa, Small, Webb.

 To host an event with alcohol, complete the following steps:

(1) Fill out the form below.

(2) A 21+ event sponsor must attend a meeting with the Office of Campus Life to review all Maine State laws and Bates College policies related to alcohol and to sign the Party Registration form.

Party Request Form

Parties must be requested at least fourteen days prior to intended party date.
  • Bates email only, please.
  • Please note that you must have a resident of the space you are requesting co-sponsor the event with you. If you are trying to request your own residence you do not need to have a co-host.
  • This must be a student enrolled at Bates College who is over 21+ who will be present and sober, and liable, for the event. This person will be required to attend a meeting with the Office of Campus Life to review all Bates alcohol policies and Maine state law.
  • Bates email only, please.
  • :
  • Parties on weeknights must end by 12:00am; on weekends, 2:00am. All alcohol service must end by 1:00am in compliance with Maine State law.
  • Please include how the alcohol is being paid for. Student clubs may not use club funds to purchase alcohol. Event sponsors may not charge for alcohol once it is purchased or charge people at the event for alcohol (including a tip jar) in compliance with Maine State law.
  • No more than 50 people may attend events hosted in House or Hall lounges. You may have up to up to 200 people in the 280 Underground.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Please contact the Office of Campus Life with any questions regarding this policy.