Poster Policy

Please post flyers and publicity materials only on established bulletin boards and public poster areas. Do not post on doors, windows, buildings, lamp posts, or in stairwells. Flyers found on these locations will be removed by college staff.

Poster Policy

Bates College observes all laws governing the use of alcoholic beverages within the State of Maine and does not condone violation of these laws by its students. While we do not prohibit consumption of alcohol on campus by those who are of age, we do require that no event be centered around the consumption of alcohol. Posters, leaflets, and other advertisements must conform to the following guidelines:

1. Alcohol should not be the focus of the event, or of its advertising. We encourage you to promote the event on the merits of its entertainment, including the name of the band, dj, type of music to be featured, the speaker, or the topic of discussion.

2. Party sponsors are encouraged to be creative in the design of their events. Advertise themes or contests, decorate accordingly, and encourage people to dance or engage in some other activity.

3. We discourage advertising the presence of alcohol. If it is mentioned, non-alcoholic refreshments must receive equally prominent attention.

4. Illustrations or pictures of alcohol on posters is not permitted.

Advertisements which fail to meet these requirements may be removed.