Overnight Travel FAQs

General FAQs

+How do I complete the Overnight Travel Forms?

+How far in advance of my trip do I need to complete the form?

  • Trip leaders should plan to submit the Overnight Travel Approval Form (trips costing $150 or more and/or 250 miles or more from campus) with enough advance notice to allow for a meeting with Campus Life should one be requested.
    • Campus Life recommends two weeks when possible, but no less than 72 hours prior to proposed trip if the trip requires little planning and resources.
    • Tours, out-of state, and multi-day travel may require much more extensive planning and resources. Please submit approval forms well in advance of these proposed trips. Trip planners/leaders are also welcome to meet with a staff member in Campus Life to discuss travel plans prior to submitting travel forms.
    • If you need help or have questions don’t hesitate to contact Campus Life.
  • Trips within 250 miles of the Bates campus that cost less than $150 may only need to be registered with Campus Life.
    • Campus Life does not need to approve registered trips, but they must be registered and submitted to Campus Life in advance of departure. All registrations are time stamped.
    • If you need help or have questions don’t hesitate to contact Campus Life.

+What information will I need to complete the forms?

  • Your contact information.
  • The name and email address for your club or organization’s president.
  • The name and email address for those students listed on the form.
  • Name of club or organization you are representing and your position (if applicable, e.g. club president, treasurer, etc.).
  • Trip destination.
  • Date you are planning to leave and return.
  • Mode of transportation.
  • Address(es) of lodging/accommodations.
  • Expenses associated with the trip and how they are being funded.

+When filling out the form can I save my work so I can finish later?

  • Yes, when you select “Finish Later” under the “Other Actions” menu item you will be able to come back to your document and finish it at a later date/time.
  • As part of the first step in the process, you will receive a security code, as well as a link to your document, via email when you first submit your name and email address at the initial start of filling out the form. You will need this security code to be able to continue filling out the form.

+Can I print the completed electronic form?

  • Yes, when you select “Finish” to complete the form, an option is displayed to “Show” the document. You can then print it.
  • You will also receive a copy of the form in your email once it is approved so you can view it and print it after completing the form

+What if I am under 18 years old?

Need Additional Help?

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Campus Life at 207-786-6305 or via email, campuslife@bates.edu.