Travel Forms FAQs

General FAQs about the Electronic Form

+How do I complete the Travel Approval Form?

+How far in advance of the trip do I need to complete the form?

  • Trip leaders should plan to submit the Travel Approval Form with enough advance notice to allow for a meeting with Campus Life should one be requested.
    • Campus Life recommends 2 weeks when possible.
  • Smaller overnight trips may need far less advanced planning, but approval forms should be submitted to Campus Life 72 hrs. prior to proposed trip.
    • Trips must be within 20 miles
    • Trips cannot exceed $150
    • Campus Life recommends at least 72 hours when possible.
    • Use the “Approval: Travel within 20 miles of Bates College” form.
    • If you need help or have questions don’t hesistate to contact Campus Life

+What information will I need to complete the forms?

  • Your Contact Information
  • The Contact Information of those students listed on the form
  • Name of club or organization you are representing and your position (if applicable. i.e. club president, treasurer, etc.)
  • Trip Destination
  • When you are planning to leave and return
  • Mode of Transportation
  • Hotel Accommodations, if applicable
  • Expenses associated with the trip and how they are being funded

+When filling out the form can I save my work so I can finish later?

  • Yes, when you click on “Finish Later” under the “Other Actions” menu item you will be able to come back to your document and finish it at a later date/time.
  • You should have received a security code, as well as a link to your document, via email when you first verified your email address prior to filling out your form.
  • The link or “resume Signing” is what you need to edit your saved document.

+Can I print the completed electronic form?

  • Yes, when you click on “Finish” to complete the form you will have an option to “Show” the document. You can then print it.
  • You will also receive a copy of the form in your email once it is approved so you can view it and print it after completing the form

+What if I am under 18 years old?

  • Please Contact Campus Life

Authroization of Risk Form

+Do I have to complete this form if I am planning to travel?

  • Yes, this form can be accessed through Garnet Gateway.

+Who do I contact if I need help?

  • If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Campus Life at 207-786-6305 or via email,