2018 Applying to Medical or Dental School

The Bates College Medical Studies Committee advises Bates students and alumni who are applying to medical school or other programs in the health professions. The information that will be presented here applies mainly to those students interested in becoming a doctor or dentist and would like to apply with a Medical Studies Committee Letter of evaluation. Professional schools like receiving a committee letter, however, you are not required to submit one. The Medical Studies Committee will interview you on campus and then write a composite letter of evaluation which will be submitted along with your other letters of recommendation.

In order to interview with the committee and receive a composite committee letter of evaluation, students must follow these guidelines. All documents for your file must be sent to James Smith:

• By mail: 146 Wood Street, Lewiston, ME 04240
• By email: jsmith6@bates.edu
• Or by fax: 207-786-6126

1. Registration Packet

Medical Studies Registration Packet will start your medical studies file at the BCDC.

1) Download the packet
2) Submit a passport-type photo along with the packet
3) This packet must be submitted by January 3rd.

2. Self Assessment

A Self Assessment is to help you prepare your strongest application.

1) Download the Pre-Med Self Assessement (.doc, .pdf)
2) Submit this by January 15th

3. Resume

Resume guides are available through the BCDC. Click here to download one.

1) Please have Karen Daigler critique your resume before submission.
2) Submit a final copy by January 15th.

4. Personal Statement

This essay typically requires a few drafts. Please visit the Personal Statement webpage for resources and more information on how to write your personal statement.

A version must be in your medical studies file by February 1st.

5. Unoffical Transcript

You must obtain an unofficial transcript. Include transcripts from all post high school courses including summer courses at other colleges.

1) Visit the Bates Registrar’s webpage to see how to request an electronic copy.
2) Submit copies by February 1st.

6. References

References take time to be completed, so ask early and provide the Guidelines for Reference Writers and the reference form to the writer so that your references are submitted properly for you.

  • You should have at least three references. Two references must be academic. At least one of the two academic references should be from a science faculty member.
  • All references should be on letterhead, signed, and dated.
  • You will need one Reference Release Form per letter, forms can be found here. You will need to sign each form and provide it to the writer so that they can submit a copy of it with your letter.

Pay close attention to the “Candidate’s Waiver Statement” where you must choose whether or not you want a “closed” or “open” letter, as well as whether or not you will allow your reference writer to disclose information contained in your academic record. This can include, but is not limited to, your grades, your thesis, any of your written academic work or research, and any evaluations of your work or research.

  • Closed: A choice of a closed letter means you are waiving your right to read the letter. No BCDC staff member or Medical Studies Committee member can divulge the contents, quality or tone of the letter to you. Writers of waived letters can write whatever they wish with the knowledge that their remarks will remain unknown to you.
  • Open: The choice of an open reference letter means you can read and evaluate the letter to judge its appropriateness for your professional school search. Open letters may be viewed by some, particularly professional school admissions committees, as a less candid assessment of your potential.

Your references and release forms must be submitted by February 29th.

7. Mock Interview

All students must schedule a mock interview by February 15 – March 4. To schedule, please call Karina Lemay at the BCDC at (207) 786-6232.

8. Med Studies Committee Interview

A series of dates will be set up in the early spring based on committee members’ availability. Interviews will be conducted between March 7- April 15. You will then have the opportunity to choose an interview slot as long as your file is complete. You will be contacted to schedule the interview.

9. Primary Application

AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADAS are centralized application services that allow you to complete one application and the service will verify the information for accuracy and send your materials to the schools you designate. The application is quite lengthy and in some parts confusing, please visit our FAQ page for more information on this process.

  • May 5th AACOMAS and AMCAS applications will open for you to begin to work on your application. AACOMAS is officially open for application submission.
  • June 3rd AMCAS officially open for application submission.
  • June 2nd AADSAS applications officially open for application submission.

Important note, your references do not need to be uploaded in order for you to submit your application or for your application to be verified. We suggest that you submit your application as soon as possible and your letters will be uploaded as soon as they are ready.

10. Secondary Applications and Sending References to Medical Schools

Committee Letters are typically completed and finalized by July 1st. You will be notified when your letter is ready and we confirm which references you would like to be sent and to which schools before sending them.

Most medical schools and some other health profession schools may request an additional application referred to as the secondary application. These applications may involve short essays and an explanation of coursework. FILL THEM OUT ASAP!! The schools will also request that you send your references to them. After you receive your first secondary send the following information to Karina Lemay:

  • Your AMCAS and/or AACOMAS ID (and letter request form if AMCAS)
  • The list of all schools you are applying to
  • A list of which letters you want sent to each school

Your references and committee letter will then be uploaded to AMCAS, AACOMAS or AADAS to be sent to the medical schools you selected in your application.