What Can I Do With a Major in…?

Have you ever wondered how to connect your major to your chosen career field? Or, are you unsure what a degree in Anthropology can do for you and what career opportunities lie ahead?  These resources offer an overview of Bates academic majors along with examples of internships, careers, and graduate school programs that Bates alumni have pursued, as well as links to help you research future opportunities. Pursuing a liberal arts education will prepare you with analytical, organizational, communication, and team management skills as well as the ability to solve problems, adapt to new situations and work within a diverse global framework of the world today.

African American Studies Education Physics and Astronomy
American Culture English Politics 
Anthropology Environmental Studies Psychology
Art History French Religious Studies
Asian Studies Geology Rhetoric
Biological Chemistry German Sociology
Biology History Spanish
Chemistry Mathematics Studio Art
Classics Music Theater
Dance Neuroscience Gender and Sexuality Studies
Economics Philosophy