Asian Studies

What Can I Do With a Major in Asian Studies?

In the early years of the twenty-first century, Asia has gained enormous visibility across the globe. Knowledge of Asian languages gives access to enduring, complex, and constantly developing societies to which the rest of the world has repeatedly turned for insight.  An understanding of Asian cultures complements language study, concentrating on ways Asians live their lives and interact with the larger world.

Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to acquaint students with the economies, histories, politics, arts, languages, literature, and religions of Asian societies.  The program offers three majors: Chinese, Japanese, and East Asian studies.  Each of these majors gives students an opportunity to develop an understanding of East Asia by intensive study of Chinese or Japanese and to pursue topical courses introducing some of the most accomplished civilizations and dynamic societies in today’s world. In addition to the majors, the Program in Asian Studies offers minors in Chinese, Japanese, and Asian studies.

– Bates College Asian Studies Department

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