What Can I Do With a Major in Politics?

The major in politics offers students the opportunity to examine politics from a variety of theoretical, cultural, and methodological perspectives. By raising fundamental questions about politics, courses encourage students to reflect carefully about the behaviors, institutions, ideologies, and dynamics of political life.


Related Careers

  • Local, State, Federal Government: Public Policy, Regional Planning Program Administration, Foreign Service, Intelligence, Law| Mediation, Elected Office, Campaign Management, Staff Administration, Lobbying, Political Advising, International Affairs, Policy Analysis, Human Rights, Sales, Human Resources, Management, Public Relations, Market Research
  • Non-Profit: Administration, Public Relations, Development, Grants, Media, Teaching, Information/Library Science, Student Affairs


  • Institute for Higher Education Policy, Washington, D.C.
  • WHYY (public radio station), Philadelphia
  • Wolf, Haldenstein (law firm), New York, NY
  • Mano en Mano, Milbridge, Maine
  • Citizens for Global Solutions
  • National Journal, Hotline
  • New York Civil Liberties Union
  • Research Intern, American Bridges 21st Century
  • EMC Corporation
  • Maine People’s Alliance

Graduate School

  • Boston University, School of Public Health
  • George Washington University, M.A. Security Policy Studies
  • University of Pennsylvania, School of Law
  • University of the Pacific, Master’s
  • American University, Law School
  • New York University, Law School