What Can I Do With a Major in Spanish?

The major in Spanish develops not only students’ language skills, it exercises critical thinking around subjects related to the culture, literatures, art, and history of the Spanish-speaking peoples of all continents. Reading, discussing, and writing in Spanish are the principal activities of the major. Students interested in graduate studies in Spanish or Latin American studies, or in business, medicine, law, or international relations, are encouraged to develop advanced  proficiency in Spanish.


  • Crime Analysis Intern, Metropolitan Police Department, Washington, DC
  • Child Life Assistant, Children’s Hospital, Louisville, KY
  • Summer Sales Analyst, Forrester Research, Cambridge, MA
  • Spanish Scheduling Reporter, TVGuide/Gemstar, Radnor, PA
  • Environmental Research Intern, REDES Amigos de la Tierra- Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Intern, Biennial of the Americas, Denver, CO

Related Careers

  • Government: Translation/Interpretation, Diplomacy, Customs, Intelligence, DHS
  • Industry/Commerce: Marketing, Import/Export, Logistics/Transportation, Human Resources, Consulting, Volunteer Manager, Publishing,
  • Travel/Tourism: Ecotourism, Travel Services/Guidance, Customer Service
  • Interpretation: Business, Conference, Guide, Judiciary
  • Translation: Legal, Literary, Medical, Technical, Healthcare
  • Education: Spanish Teacher, ESL Teacher, Tutor, Librarian, Foreign Study Exchange Programs