Liberal Arts at Work

Almost every occupation benefits from strong analytical, communication, organizational, and team management skills in addition to the ability to work within the diverse framework of the world’s global economy.

“Students today can easily find information. The challenge is making sense of the whole, finding connections, evaluating the credibility of the information, taking a position, and dealing with complexity…A liberal arts education provides perspective and raises the ‘why’ question along with the ‘what ‘ question. In a hierarchy that starts with information, then moves up the ladder to knowledge, and then even higher to wisdom, a liberal arts college aspires to be operating at the highest rung.”

–Kenneth P. Ruscio, Why a Liberal Arts Education is the Best Job Preparation

Liberal arts graduates develop the ability to learn — to take information, break it down, build on it, create from it and produce a product or end result. These skills are essential in a rapidly changing world.

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