William Stringfellow Awards for Peace and Justice

For 10 years, from 2001-2010, the Bates College Multifaith Chaplaincy presented the William Stringfellow Awards for Peace and Justice.

These awards, given in honor of the witness and legacy of William Stringfellow (Bates Class of 1949), annually recognized the achievements of both a Maine citizen and a Bates College student whose lives and work were dedicated to the promotion of peace and justice.

Like Stringfellow himself, award winners were distinguished by their courageous and sustained commitment to redressing the systemic, root causes of violence and social injustice, and by their dedication to engaging and opposing “the powers and principalities” of this world.

The Award was discontinued after 2010, in the hope of finding a more direct way to support students who have leanings to activist and social justice work. The developing Stringfellow Program is now beginning to fill this goal.

Recipients of the William Stringfellow Award for Peace and Justice:

  • 2010: Kate Doria ’10 & Outright/Lewiston-Auburn
  • 2009: Rachel Salloway ’09  & Sarah Standiford,‘97
  • 2008:Erin Reed ’08 & Lots to Gardens, Lewiston
  • 2007: Benjamin Chin ’07 & Trinity Jubilee Center, Lewiston
  • 2006: Amanda Harrow ’06 & Jake Grindle, Lewiston
  • 2005: Ryan Conrad ’05 & Mark Schlotterbeck, Lewiston
  • 2004: Gregory Rosenthal ’05 & Members of the Center for Justice, Ecology and Democracy
  • 2003: Smadar Bakovic ’03 & Jerry Genesio, Bridgton, Maine
  • 2002: Meghan Johnston, ’04 & Peter Kellman, North Berwick
  • 2001: Margot Fine ’03 & Jim Freeman, Verona Island