So Many Ways to Connect!

The multifaith community is a group of inquisitive people who share and explore identities, perspectives, convictions and practices. We welcome all people – religious, non-religious, spiritual, non-theistic, or whatever identifier works best for you. If you’d like a few moments to connect, share, and reflect, check out these ongoing opportunities.

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Warm Welcome!

Tuesday, August 31, 7:00pm, Multifaith Chaplaincy, 163 Wood St. (behind Admissions and next door to the Harward Center)

The last of the ripe summer blueberries have been picked and crisp apples are getting ready to droop on their branches; summer is transitioning to autumn and we are thrilled to see so many of you trickle back onto campus! We would LOVE (seriously, LOVE) to see you at our first event of the year the Multifaith Chaplaincy Warm Welcome – Tuesday, August 31st @ 7 p.m., in the back yard of the Multifaith Chaplaincy at 163 Wood St. There will be gourmet s’mores fixins (think reeses and nutella..), warm cider, a community practice for new beginning, plus old and new friends to meet. Please join in the fun and stop by!


Pause is a reflective secular service of music, poetry, silence, dance and art. It is a perfect break for quiet reflection and meditation.

Beginning Wednesday September 8th and continuing every other Wednesday from 9:00 to 9:30 pm in the Gomes Chapel


Hearth is traditionally a gathering for dinner and conversation in the home of Brittany Longsdorf, the Multifaith Chaplain. In the Spring of 2020, it was held by Zoom and it will occasionally be held in this format in Fall 2020. Hearth happens in small groups that are facilitated by students who open, pose queries, lightly guide, and close when an hour has passed. The queries (chosen by Multifaith Fellows) are not limited to religious or spiritual topics and generally lead to bigger discussions which we welcome wholeheartedly!

Crossroads (formerly Telescope)

Crossroads is a cozy space for people looking to make genuine connections. It is a group that meets four to six times a semester to explore personal and communal identities. In this group you’ll talk about who you are, what you bring with you, where you turn for insight, what you cherish, and what you hope for yourself and others. The meetings are student-led, more fun than serious, and often engage your artistic side.

“My favorite part [of Telescope] is learning from others and seeing how much I have in common with people I would never think I would get to know.”

Anam Cara

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Arts & Spirituality

Arts and Spirituality is a branch of the Bates Multifaith Chaplaincy that explores the ways in which art-making and aesthetic experiences connect us with the Sacred, open us up to deeper inner wisdom, and connect us across differences. Recently our Arts and Spirituality fellows have offered artistic programs with haiku writing, watercolor painting, dance, movement meditation, coloring, and creative writing. In these programs no artistic skill is necessary; art as spiritual practice is focused on process (not product) and paying attention to reflective inner-stirrings and a sense of presence. 

Multifaith Banquet

Multifaith Banquet is an annual celebration of the diversity of worldviews at Bates. It is usually a lovely banquet in Memorial Commons, but the 2020 version was an online feast of personal storytelling that you can check out whenever you wish!


Social Justice Printmaking in Chase Hall LoungeSOCIAL JUSTICE PRINTMAKING @ FREE PRESS BATESMake art with us! About social justice issues! For FREE!What? Free Press BatesWhere? Chase LoungeWhen? Drop in between 12 PM and 4 PMDianna Georges '22 of Clifton, N.J.Printmaking at Free Press involves rolling ink out onto stamps carved by a variety of talented Bates artists and using those stamps to make designs on the canvas of your choice. We’ll provide posters and canvas tote bags to print on, you bring whatever else is in need of artistic embellishment (t-shirts? jean jackets? your roommate’s bedspread?). No prior art experience or skill is necessary—we’ll have artists there to guide you through the printmaking process.We look forward to seeing you soon!Warmly,The Multifaith Chaplaincy & Bates Arts SocietyFor More InformationEmma Soler (Multifaith Chaplaincy, Bates Arts Society)esoler@bates.eduFree Press BatesChase Hall 111 - Chase LoungeToday — 12:00pm (until 4:00pm

Bates is blessed to claim among its alums William Stringfellow of the class of 1949. Throughout his life, he fought for justice and freedom in the face of what he saw as “spiritual forces of death” that diminished and dehumanized through the means of economic, military, and political power. The Stringfellow program seeks to keep his legacy alive at Bates through creative programs that support social activists and help them learn how to sustain their vital work for years to come.