So Many Ways to Connect!

To find out more about these opportunities, join the Multifaith Google group!


Hearth is traditionally a gathering for dinner and conversation in the home of Brittany Longsdorf, the Multifaith Chaplain. In the Spring of 2020, it was held by Zoom and it may continue in this format for Fall 2020. Hearth happens every other Thursday at 6:00 p.m. and the conversation happens in small groups that are facilitated by students who open, lightly guide, and close when an hour has passed. The queries (chosen by Multifaith Fellows) are not limited to religious or spiritual topics and generally lead to bigger discussions which we welcome wholeheartedly!

Every other Thursday at 6:00 pm at Brittany Longsdorf’s home or on Zoom.


Pause is a reflective secular service of music, poetry, silence, dance and art. It is a perfect break for quiet reflection and meditation.

Every Wednesday from 9:00 to 9:30 pm in the Gomes Chapel


At Bates, you are surrounded by people from every corner of the country and many parts of the world. They bring unique stories and experiences, but most are pondering the same questions: Who am I? Whose am I? Who do I want to become? Venture out, meet some new people, and get to know them on a deeper level by talking about the important questions that rarely come up as you rush through your day. Try out one of the groups of the Multifaith Chaplaincy. Sign up at


Telescope is a cozy space for people looking to delve deeper into their identities and themselves. It is a group that meets four to six times a semester to explore personal and communal identities. In this group you’ll talk about who you are, what you bring with you, where you turn for insight, what you cherish, and what you hope for yourself and others. The meetings are student-led, more fun than serious, and often engage your artistic side.


Touchstones is an opportunity to engage in inner work to gain perspective and draw upon what gives you strength. It is a group for exploring spiritual practices and crafting a reflective life that is open, engaged, and life-giving. It is ideal for people who have completed Telescope and want to continue exploring the connections between the inner life and outer life. It is led by the Multifaith Chaplains, Brittany Longsdorf and Raymond Clothier.


Horizons is a group for people who are integrating new experiences into their daily lives at Bates. It offers a time to step back, reflect on what you have experienced, and be attentive to your own transformation. It is about looking back to see a way forward. It is led by students who have studied internationally.

Being & Becoming

Being & Becoming is a judgment free group of fellow Seniors who will help you ponder the pressing questions about who you are and what you need to continue growing after Bates. It is led by the Multifaith Chaplains, Brittany Longsdorf and Raymond Clothier.

If you are interested, you can sign up for a group that will be forming at the beginning of the semester.

Multifaith Banquet

For more than twenty years, Multifaith Banquet has been an annual dinner celebrating the religious and spiritual diversity of Bates College. The hear of the banquet is students sharing stories about a moment that was informed by religious experience or turned out to be significant in a spiritual search. The story-telling may take another format for 2020, but the story-telling will be meaningful and memorable.


Bates is blessed to claim among its alums William Stringfellow of the class of 1949. Throughout his life, he fought for justice and freedom in the face of what he saw as “spiritual forces of death” that diminished and dehumanized through the means of economic, military, and political power. The Stringfellow program seeks to keep his legacy alive at Bates through creative programs that support social activists and help them learn how to sustain their vital work for years to come.

Free Press

Guided by the conviction that art can be an important practice that sustains action for social change, the Stringfellow program organizes an afternoon of social justice block printing each semester. Carving parties are organized ahead of the event to create more options for printing on paper or fabric.