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Hearth is a gathering for dinner and conversation in the home of Brittany Longsdorf, our Multifaith Chaplain. We meet every other Thursday at 6:00 p.m. with one or two prepared queries that the Chaplains and the Fellows craft together in order to spark conversation. The conversation happens in small groups that are facilitated by students who open, lightly guide, and close when an hour has passed. The queries themselves are not limited to religious or spiritual topics and generally lead to bigger discussions, which we welcome wholeheartedly!

Hearth is about heart, warmth & hearing one another’s voices.

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a reflective secular service of music, poetry, silence, dance and art

Every Wednesday night at 9pm in Gomes Chapel 

Denali Nalamalapu ’17, a Multifaith Fellow who has co-chaired {PAUSE} reflects on her personal journey at Bates and working on {PAUSE}


To read more about {PAUSE} check out these articles: “Bates at Night: A respite called {Pause}” and “Bates Multifaith Chaplaincy offers an Opportunity to Pause each week”

Please contact our {Pause} Coordinators if you would like to perform at {Pause}! We welcome musical performers, poetry readers, dancers, and more. We’d also like to experiment more with showing visual art. – E.B. Hall, Mara Stolzenbach, and Lila Patinkin (Winter 2019). 

Creative Spirituality

Erin Hazlett-Norman ’19 is the 2018-19 Creative Spirituality Fellow.

Creative Spirituality is a program within the Multifaith Chaplaincy aimed at creating unique, innovative offerings that are not limited to religious or spiritual topics. Creative Spirituality is flexible by design, empowering students with freedom of form and the capacity to address unmet needs within the student body as they arise. Often this takes the form of artistic, creative practices like cooking, singing, dancing, writing, story-telling, or painting in a reflective and contemplative way.

Interfaith Engagement

Facilitated conversations on and off campus that cross boundaries of faith, religion, spirituality, and identity. In the listening and sharing we venture beyond the comfort of the familiar to honor our differences and create space for growth.


Telescope is a new group for soul-searching discussion of individual and communal identities. It’s a place to look deeper into yourself and find meaningful connection in the Bates community. Telescope offers small and intimate groups of 10-15 people who come together over cookies and tea twice a month in a cozy and welcoming space in the Multifaith Chaplaincy. The conversations and activities are student designed and led. Step outside the hustle and bustle of everyday Bobcat life and take a deeper look to see what you can find.

Past Interfaith Engagement Programs

Past Interfaith Engagement programming has focused on the following themes:

  • Paddle & Ponder
  • Food for the Soul
  • Spirituality in Community: Who’s in Your Wolf pack?
  • A Glimpse into Muslim Perspectives in our Bates Community
  • Exploring the Intersections of Spirituality and Academia at Bates
  • Spirituality in Nature
  • Spiritual Practices
  • Wrestling With Religion
  • Experiencing Religion while Studying Abroad
  • Meditation
  • Coming from an Interfaith Family

If you have an idea for Interfaith Engagement programming, please share it with us!

Spirituality in Nature

Spirituality in Nature

Multifaith Banquet

An annual festive dinner in celebration of the religious and spiritual diversity of Bates College. Students share stories about a moment or experience that was informed by religious heritage or that informed a spiritual search. Their stories are accompanied by musical offerings and blessings from our Associated Chaplains.

Stringfellow Program

Community and Conversation for Change-Makers

The Stringfellow Program aims to bring William Stringfellow’s values to campus through nurturing a culture of activism at Bates.

stringfellowThis icon of peace activist, human rights lawyer, and theologian William Stringfellow ’49 hangs in Bates’ Peter J. Gomes Chapel. Throughout his life, and beginning at Bates, Stringfellow gained a reputation as a formidable critic of the social, military and economic policies of our country and as a tireless advocate for racial and social justice.

The Stringfellow program works to connect activist students and alumni, support students engaged in activism, and raise awareness of current and past activism on campus.

The Stringfellow Program is overseen by the Multifaith Chaplaincy, including two student Multifaith Fellows:

Haley Crim ’19 (Winter 2019)
Emma Soler ’20 (Fall 2018)
Fabian Miemietz  ’21

Some recent programs have included:

  • Free Press Bates: Social Justice Printmaking

Multifaith Chaplaincy Stringfellow Coordinators Maddi McKay ’18 and Max Silverman ’16 moderating a MLK Day panel and workshop: Deconstructing “Criminal”: Power and Complacency in American Incarceration and in Our Community.

The Stringfellow Program was preceded by the William Stringfellow Awards for Peace and Justice, which were awarded annually for 10 years between 2001-2010.

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Bi-annual Study Retreat:

A day long retreat that creates an academic community for intentional studying before finals. Join in for meals, accountability check ins, labyrinth walking, intensive study time, meditation, and study break fun. This retreat is free of cost and includes approx 8 hours for self-guided studying!

“Knowledge is love and light and vision”~Hellen Keller