Meet our Multifaith Fellows!

If you are wondering what a “multifaith” community is, it is a group of people who create spaces for sharing and exploring identities, perspectives, convictions, and practices. At Hearth, {Pause}, or any of the programs of the Multifaith Chaplaincy, you will meet some of these student leaders and many others who bring unique stories and perspectives. These Multifaith Fellows plan all the activities of the Multifaith Chaplaincy, so you will see them around. Below, you can find a few words about what they have found in this community.

2018-2019 Student Multifaith Fellows


Joan Buse ’21 is from the golden (and sunny) state of California and is interested in studying American History and Religion. A lifetime lover of family, food, and the outdoors, she loves to garden and bake as an excuse for hanging out with her family and pets. Here on campus, she believes that the Multifaith Chaplaincy provides a haven for students to absorb rather than produce and connect rather than simply interact. In the winter semester, she cannot wait to become a Hearth coordinator and facilitate the wonderfully nurturing atmosphere for which Hearth is known.

Through the Multifaith Chaplaincy, I have found an opportunity to make personal, deep connections with those around me through the equally important mediums of silence and storytelling. The bravery others have while sharing such personal stories is humbling, and I have enjoyed witnessing the often unspoken bonds that are formed from a simple story.


Haley Crim ’19 is an ES major and Russian minor from Maryland. This fall, she will be serving as an Interfaith Engagement Coordinator with Mamta and Matt. She comes from a Quaker town, and the Chaplaincy’s values of simplicity, equality, and acceptance remind her of home. She also loves Sundae Sunday, skiing, and watching movies.

E. B. Hall ’20

Visual Arts and Anthropology Major! Reach out to if you would like to know more or just wanna talk!? How are you feeling these days? :*)))

Erin Hazlett-Norman ’19 (they/them) is an Environmental Studies major who calls the red clay and bluegrass of Durham, North Carolina home. They grew up with a foot in both the Quaker and Unitarian Universalist communities and a heart steeped in Southern gospel and Appalachian folk music. Their passions are community building, food justice, and creatively reclaiming roots and tradition in the collective struggle for a more just world.  Erin is excited to be returning to the Multifaith Fellows this year as the Creative Spirituality Coordinator.

Alexis Hudes ’20 is a Physics major with a minor in Math who loves Hemlock trees and awkward silences. At Bates you can find her bopping around the Eco-Justice House, tossing a frisbee, or laughing on the floor of the library. She grew up practicing Judaism and wandering around the woods and is down to chat about spirituality in either of those contexts. She is super duper excited to be joining the Multifaith team as a Hearth coordinator!

The Multifaith Chaplaincy has been my safety net at Bates. It’s the place I go when I want to be around good people, have space to reflect, and push myself to be vulnerable and honest. I came to the Chaplaincy for the free chocolate and pad thai and stayed for the indescribable feeling of being heard and the opportunity to hear others.

Fabian Miemietz ’21

unnamed Sara Moradi ’20 is from Glenview, Illinois interested in studying Politics and Economics. She loves reading and her favorite place on Earth is her local public library. Music is another one of her biggest passions: she’ll listen to everything. She’s excited to be a Hearth coordinator and to work with the chaplaincy in finding and keeping herself balanced on campus.

I developed the ability to accept and let go of events that are out of my control (through Noontime Meditation) and continue bouncing back through self-love and appreciation.

Lila Patinkin ’20

Mamta Saraogi ’21 is an English major with a deep passion for poetry and a wild fascination with the rain. She cherishes the gift of words on paper, especially when outdoors! She calls Kolkata, India home and believes that when the colors pink and gold come together, they create magic. At Bates, she continues to uncover the energies of meditation and spirituality as essential elements in forming meaningful friendships, and igniting the quest to learn and evolve. As an Interfaith Engagement coordinator, she looks forward to spreading love, soulful energy, and laughter on campus!

Through the heat of summer and the ice of winter, the Chaplaincy has remained warm: it has been a home, one that seems to smile at the thought of being a welcoming, accepting, and cozy sanctuary for anyone who peeks inside. In a few inadequate words, I have found love’s magic at the Chaplaincy.

Emma Soler ’20 is an American Cultural Studies major and Philosophy minor from Maryland.  She is especially interested the intersection of history, identity, and transformative justice.  At Bates, you can find her eating way too many carrots in Commons, working on year-long knitting projects in downtown Lewiston, and staking out Hedge lounges on weekend mornings.  Emma is SO excited to help cultivate a culture of reflective activism on campus as a Stringfellow Coordinator this year.

The Chaplaincy has given me not only a space to discover a more thoughtful and intentional version of myself, but also a supportive community of like-minded people who are similarly interested in mindful spaces and deep connections.

Mara Stolzenbach ’20

Matt Suslovic ’21 is an education minor who is passionate about creating spaces for Batesies where honest and courageous dialogue can take place so that each of us can deepen our sense of self, community, and compassion through conversation and introspection. Ever since he had his first interfaith dialogue at a Summer camp where peers of different faiths talked with each other about how their different religious or secular upbringings shaped how they grappled with things like religion, spirituality, “otherness”, politics, and ethics, Matt has been dedicated to cultivating discussion and community-building that crosses faith boundaries. This is why he’s so excited to be one of the interfaith engagement coordinators this year. Matt calls Portland, Maine home and can be found losing games of Connect 4 at Lewiston Middle School, making homemade pizza, and walking along the Androscoggin with friends to celebrate the arrival of the weekend.

I have found some of the goofiest, heart-wrenching, thought-provoking, and elevating experiences through the people and spaces I’ve been exposed to through the Mulitifaith Chaplaincy. From these experiences, I have gleamed wisdom about how to be a better listener, empathizer, thinker, and friend. But more importantly, I have found a community which not only reminds me, but makes me want to strive, to be the best person that I can be. And here I have found others who reciprocate the effort to genuinely listen to and build others up. For having some of my most favorite memories and meeting some of my most beloved friends at Bates, I am truly thankful for this community.