Offerings range from half-day to week-long and include space for silence, reflection, ritual, meditation, and/or conversation about a specific topic.

Study Retreat

Jeremy Glover ’17 and Annakay Nickeisha Wright ’17 at the first annual Study Retreat, Dec. 2016

Bi-annual Study Retreat:

A day long retreat that creates an academic community for intentional studying before finals. Join in for meals, accountability check ins, labyrinth walking, intensive study time, meditation, and study break fun. This retreat is free of cost and includes approx 8 hours for self-guided studying!

“Knowledge is love and light and vision”~Hellen Keller


Bi-annual Fellows Retreat

Day or weekend-long retreats that provide space for fellowship and community building among the Multifaith Chaplaincy Fellows, Chaplains and Staff. Examples of time spent together include spiritual autobiographies, reflective conversation around poetry, spiritual friendship, art as spiritual practice, cooking meals together, hiking and spiritual pilgrimage.


Multifaith Fellows Brennen Malone ’17, Denali Nalamalapu ’17 and Tara Humphries ’17 on retreat