Meet our Multifaith Partners!

If you are wondering what a “multifaith” community is, it is a group of people who create spaces for sharing and exploring identities, perspectives, convictions, and practices. At Hearth, {Pause}, or any of the programs of the Multifaith Chaplaincy, you will meet some of these student leaders and many others who bring unique stories and perspectives. These Multifaith Partners plan all the activities of the Multifaith Chaplaincy, so you will see them around. Below, you can find a few words about what they have found in this community.

Adya Agarwal ’24

Reanna Bhagwandeen ’24

Giancarlo Carlucci ’24

Khushi Choudhary ’23 is a religious studies and art history double major from India. She is an aspiring therapist, a sensitive, empathic, and curious person who is constantly looking for authentic and meaningful conversation and openings for expressions of vulnerability. She’s very excited to answer the big life questions about love, fear, meaning, and happiness that she’s been carrying around in her head through her role as Arts and Spirituality Coordinator. On campus, you can find her silently talking to trees and squirrels with a hot beverage in hand or walking around in the snow with her arms spread.

Yueh Qi Chuah ’22 is a neuroscience major from the other side of the world, Malaysia. An adventurer who travels often between her home, China, and the States, Yueh loves connecting with nature through hiking, kayaking, or just simply lying on the Quad to appreciate the moment. She also loves expressing herself through arts and crafts as a form of self-love. Yueh is super excited to be an interfaith engagement coordinator in the coming year to bring joy and love at Bates!

I found myself in Multifaith. I learned that it’s okay to be different and it’s what makes us who we are. Here, I was able to explore new interests, look at the world through different perspectives, and embrace myself wholeheartedly. It is the trust we have between one another in this safe space that encourages everyone to be themselves.

Bryn Creager ’25

Dianna Georges ’22 is an environmental studies major from the beautiful, and often underrated, state of New Jersey. Her passion is to connect activists and organizers on campus working on similar goals, which is incredibly aided by being a Stringfellow fellow. When not working towards world peace, Dianna can be found yelling or napping across campus, planning for Halloween, or bragging that she was on Zoom before Zoom was cool. Dianna is back from a semester abroad in Iceland and ready to strut her stuff one more time before graduation. A piece of advice she lives by is from Mr. Worldwide, “Every day above ground is a good day, remember that.”

Cyan Hunte ’22 is a studio art and politics major from Brooklyn, NY. They get excited about indie rock,  and seeing a full moon, among other things. Cyan also likes to doodle in class and play songs on the guitar. They’re 5’6″ on a good day.

I consider Multifaith to be a hidden gem at the heart of Bates college. It’s such a joy to feel surrounded by friends and soon-to-be friends, and the feeling that follows you wherever you are!

Chenemi Maji ’22 My name is Ojochenemi Maji, most people call me Chenemi or Maji and I am a senior at Bates. I am a Geology/Earth and Climate Sciences major and I’m from Nigeria. I hope to work in academia, learn more about science communication and be a part of making earth sciences more intersectional. I love to laugh with friends, meet new people, share perspectives and have great conversations. As the Hearth coordinator at Multifaith, I get to do and enjoy all of the above (how cool is that!).

Kemunto Ongera ’23

Khadeeja Qureshi ’23

Ben Schmandt ’22 is a biology major and a J.O.B from Winchester, MA. They are an avid birder and a lover of walking, running, and sitting outside. They are most often spotted in the wild looking up into trees on campus or playing Pokemon Go in subzero temperatures. More than anything they love to smile and laugh, and they are beyond excited to create community and connection as a Hearth Coordinator this year!

Serena Sen ’22 is a Gender and Sexuality Studies major and an Africana and Religious Studies double minor from New York City. She spends a lot of her time painting or jumping in the ocean, no matter the month of the year. The same creativity and peace that she has found in art and the outdoors, she has found in the Multifaith Chaplaincy. As a Stringfellow, Serena hopes to facilitate reflection, creativity and fun for students on campus! Also she loves the stars, the clouds, and the moon. In that order. 

Phoebe Stern ’24 is a religious studies major from Nashville, Tennessee.  If you are looking for her on campus, you will find Phoebe hammocking on alumni, tossing a disc on the quad, or socializing in Ladd.  She loves table hopping in Commons and having conversations that range from debating the best ice-cream flavor to learning what one piece of advice has shaped a person’s life.  Phoebe is an Arts and Spirituality Fellow and cannot wait to get people excited with some fun and thought provoking events!  

Multifaith has been a constant rock for me throughout my time at Bates.  Having a space on campus that is full of people that are loving, full of joy, and genuine has been a centering presence on campus that is unrivaled.  

Elliott Vahey ’23

Tyler Shambaugh ’23 is a Biology and Gender & Sexuality Studies double major from just outside Washington, DC in Maryland. In their spare time, they enjoy spending time in the Maine wilderness, or reading and writing novels. They can be found on campus playing ultimate frisbee with Cold Front, studying in the library, or admiring the cereal bar in Commons. They enjoy having deep conversations with friends, like conversations they have as a coordinator for Telescope!

Frances White ‘23 is a Religious Studies major and an Africana minor from New York City. She loves crafting (with pom poms), working in the costume shop (sewing is new for her), and she vehemently hates the cold (why is she at Bates? A reflective question!). If you’re looking for Frances, you can find her in the dessert section of Commons feasting on Kolackies. Frances is in her second year working with Multifaith. She hosts Arts and Spirituality events with a range of reflective and fun activities.

Alix Zabin ’22 is a Psychology major and Hispanic Studies minor from Connecticut. She loves forming deep connections with the squirrels on campus, going to bed early, and showing off her Jibbitz (the plastic things that go into crocs!) When she isn’t pretending to study in the library, she’s probably somewhere outside, yelling at her friends or bragging about how cute and crazy her dog is. She is a self-proclaimed neat-freak, and is excited to use her organizational skills in her role this year as Multifaith Banquet & Baccalaureate Coordinator!

When I think of the Multifaith community I feel surrounded by warmth and love. Having a space on the Bates campus where I can become centered, take my shoes off, and breathe deeply is so special!