Stringfellow Program

Community and Conversation for Change-Makers

The Stringfellow Program aims to bring William Stringfellow’s values to campus through nurturing a culture of activism at Bates.

This icon of peace activist, human rights lawyer, and theologian William Stringfellow ’49 hangs in Bates’ Peter J. Gomes Chapel. Throughout his life, and beginning at Bates, Stringfellow gained a reputation as a formidable critic of the social, military and economic policies of our country and as a tireless advocate for racial and social justice.

The Stringfellow program works to connect activist students and alumni, support students engaged in activism, and raise awareness of current and past activism on campus. Some recent programs have included:


Multifaith Chaplaincy Stringfellow Coordinators Maddi McKay ’18 and Max Silverman ’16 moderating a MLK Day panel and workshop: Deconstructing “Criminal”: Power and Complacency in American Incarceration and in Our Community.













The Stringfellow Program was preceded by the William Stringfellow Awards for Peace and Justice, which were awarded annually for 10 years between 2001-2010.

The Stringfellow Program is overseen by the Multifaith Chaplaincy, including two student Multifaith Fellows:

Samantha Garapati ’18
Maddi McKay ’18

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