Stringfellow Spotlight Series

Conversation and Community for Change-Makers


Looking to engage with social justice work happening at Bates? Wanting to brainstorm and collaborate with others interested in creating social change? 

Join us for a series of casual lunch or evening tea conversations centering various social justice work happening at and beyond our campus.  We’ll hear from students doing interesting work, talk about our own ideas and their intersections, and work toward opportunities for making change on to the Bates campus.  Particularly, we’ll focus on how we can build bridges throughout the diverse work happening in our communities to better advance our activism.  

All community members are welcome regardless of age, affiliation, past work, or experience!

Featured Student Speakers:
    • Jalen Baker ’16 has developed academic and social programming for underrepresented groups at Bates while also providing one on one support for students of color and first generation students. He has worked intensively with the OIE and the Bates Christian Fellowship.
    • Zsofia Duarte ’18 has organized around issues of intersectional environmental justice and ecological sustainability, working with the Maine Students for Climate Justice student coalition and many others at Bates to foster a movement for truly intersectional environmentalism on and beyond campus.
    • Tommy Graziano ’16 has done a wide variety of work at Bates, including intensive work on issues of masculinity and on developing inclusive institutional programming at Bates.
    • Cash Hadean ’18 spoke about the intersections of being trans and black, emphasizing the importance of creating more conversations on black trans lives matter.
    • Detmer Kremer ’16 has been involved in international community organizing in the Netherlands, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and the United States.  At Bates, his work has focused on issues of gender, masculinity, and queer justice.
    • Meghan Lynch ’17 has organized primarily around issues of housing justice in Lewiston, working with such organizations as the Maine People’s Alliance, Pine Tree Legal, and the St. Laurent Project. She currently works with the Raise-Op on researching and promoting cooperative housing models.
    • Jeremy Mack ’16 was the cofounder and president of Bates United for two years, as well as a co-organizer of the 2014 YWCA Stand Against Racism Rally in Lewiston.
    • Calvin Reedy ’17 Calvin’s work has centered on the intersection of art and activism, specifically pertaining to race.  He will speak about the crucial role of art in facilitating broad dialogues about identity and social justice on a personal level.
    • Ayesha Sharma ’18 Ayesha’s work has primarily been around feminist issues – she founded and currently co-leads the Feminist Collective – while she is also active in discussing and organizing against anti-black racism on campus and beyond.
    • Annakay Wright ’17 has worked throughout realms of reproductive justice, racial justice, and queer feminism.

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