Unplug 2011

Unplug Day was Wednesday, November 9, 2011.

Update: Close to 300 Bates students, faculty, and staff signed the pledge to unplug from one or more technologies for at least one day. 29% of those pledged to unplug for more than one day. 10% of total pledgers were staff and 3% were faculty. The rest were students. 86% of total pledgers signed the pledge in person in New Commons (instead of online).

Technologies from which pledgers unplugged:
Facebook 81%
Hulu/Netflix/Youtube/Boxee 48%
Twitter 40%
Internet Surfing 29%
Texting 27%
Newsmedia 26%
Other 17%
Email 7%
(Numbers don’t add to 100% because people almost always pledged more than one technology.)
“Other” included things like:
personal email, phone, ipod, internet on phone, tv, websurfing on ipad, work email at home.

Thank you for your participation! Read more here about Unplug Day 2011 and associated events.

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