Paula Schlax

Organic Chemistry

Paula J. Schlax


Chemistry and Biochemistry


Dana Chemistry Hall, Room 220

Paula Schlax

PhD University of Wisconsin Madison 1994

BS Clarkson University 1989

Bates College, 1998-
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Lecturer, 1995



I am fascinated by a fundamental question in biology; How is regulation of gene expression as a response to external stimulus achieved? My laboratory is investigating the regulation of ribosomal protein synthesis and RNA polymerase subunit synthesis in diverse prokaryotes. I am particularly interested in the importance of the thermodynamics and kinetics of mRNA folding in translational regulation.

Selected Publications:
J. Matsunaga, P.J. Schlax, D. Haake, 2013,  “A role for cis-acting RNA sequences in the temperature-dependent expression of the multiadhesive Lig proteins in Leptospira interrogans”  J. Bacteriol.  195:22 5092-5101.

 L. Archambault, J. S. Borchert*, J. Bergeron*, S. Snow*,  P.J. Schlax, 2013, “Measurements of mRNA Degradation inBorrelia burgdorferi” J. Bacteriol.  195:21 4879-4887.

L. Archambault, J. Linscott*, N. Swerdlow*, K. Boyland*, E. Riley* and P.J. Schlax, 2013, “Translational Efficiency of rpoSmRNA from Borrelia burgdorferi: Effects of the Length and Sequence of the mRNA Leader Region” Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 433(1):73-8.

 R. I. KolevaC. A. Austin*J. M. Kowaleski*, D.S. Neems*, L.Wang*, C.P.H. Vary and P.J. Schlax, 2006, “Interactions of Ribosomal Protein S1 with DsrA and rpoS mRNA” Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 348:662-668.

P.J. Schlax and D. J. Worhunsky* “Translational Repression Mechanisms in Prokaryotes”, 2003, Mol. Microb, 48: 1157-1169.

 D. J. Worhunsky*, K. Godek*, S. Litsch*, & P.J. Schlax “Interactions of the Non-Coding RNA DsrA and rpoS mRNA with the 30S Ribosomal Subunit”, 2003, J. Biol. Chem., 278:15815-15824.


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