Geneva Laurita

Inorganic Chemistry


Geneva Laurita

Assistant Professor of Chemistry


Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dana Chemistry Hall, Room 320


Bachelor of Science, Chemistry: University of Northern Colorado
PhD, Chemistry: Oregon State University
Postdoctoral Experience: University of California, Santa Barbara

My research interests focus on understanding the structure—property relationships of inorganic solid state materials, particularly those of relevance to energy and electronics-related technology. Through understanding the arrangement of the atoms in a material, we can explain how atomic interactions give rise to various physical properties, such as how a material interacts with light or conducts electricity. I am particularly interested in utilizing advanced neutron and synchrotron X-ray scattering techniques to gain a detailed understanding of the structure of a material. Research in my laboratory focuses on solid state synthesis and characterization techniques with an emphasis on scattering experiments performed at national laboratories.

My teaching interests include cultivating an interactive environment that integrates active learning techniques with classic lecture styles to promote confidence, enthusiasm, and critical thinking. I am currently teaching Chemical Reactivity (CHEM 108). Other courses taught include Chemical Synthesis and Reactivity (CHEM s42) Atomic and Molecular Structure (CHEM 107), Inorganic Chemistry (CHEM 215), and Advanced Topics in Inorganic Chemistry (CHEM 316).

Recent Publications

E. Schueller, G. Laurita, D. Fabini, C. Stoumpos, M. Kanatzidis, and R. Seshadri, Crystal structure evolution and notable thermal expansion in hybrid perovskites formamidinium tin iodide and formamidinium lead bromide, Inorg. Chem. 57 (2018) 804-810.  [DOI:10.1021/acs.inorgchem.7b02576]

J. Buchanan, D. B. Fast, B. E. Hanken, T. J. Mustard, G. Laurita, T.-H. Chiang, D. Keszler, M. Subramanian, J. F. Wager, M. Dolgos, J. R. Rustad, and P. H. Y. Cheong, Structural convergence properties of amorphous InGaZnO4 from simulated liquid-quench methods, Dalton Trans. 44 (2017) 15311-15316 [doi:10.1039/C7DT02181J]

D. Fabini, T. A. Siaw, C. Stoumpos, G. Laurita, D. Olds, K. Page, J. Hu, M. Kanatzidis, S. Han, and R. Seshadri, Universal dynamics of molecular reorientation in hybrid lead iodide perovskites, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 139 (2017) 16875-16884.  [DOI:10.1021/jacs.7b09536]

C. Cozzan, G. Laurita, M. W. Gaultois, M. Cohen, A. A. Mikhailovsky, M. Balasubramanian, and R. Seshadri, Compositional control of emission color and thermal stability in the green-emitting -SiAlON:Eu2+ phsophor, J. Mater. Chem. C 5 (2017) 10039–10046. [DOI:10.1039/C7TC03039H]

M. L. C. Buffon, G. Laurita, L. Lamontagne, E. Levin, S. Mooraj, D. L. Lloyd, N. White, T. M. Pollock, and R. Seshadri, Thermoelectric performance and the role of anti-site disorder in the 24-electron Heusler TiFe2Sn, J. Phys. Condensed Matt. 29 (2017) 405702(17). [DOI:10.1088/1361-648X/aa81e7]

G. Laurita, D. H. Fabini, C. C. Stoumpos, M. G. Kanatzidis, and R. Seshadri, Chemical tuning of dynamic cation off-centering in the cubic phases of hybrid tin and lead halide perovskites, Chem. Sci. 8 (2017) 5628–5635. [doi:10.1039/C7SC01429E]

L. Devys, G. Dantelle, G. Laurita, E. Homeyer, I. Gautier-Luneau, C. Dujardin, R. Seshadri, and T. Gacoin, A strategy to increase phosphor brightness: application with Ce3+-doped Gd3Sc2Al3O12, J. Lumin. 190 (2017) 62–68. [doi:10.1016/j.jlumin.2017.05.035]

L. K. Lamontagne, G. Laurita, M. Knight, H. Yusuf, J. Hu, R. Seshadri, and K. Page, The role of structural and compositional heterogeneities in the insulator-to-metal transition in the hole-doped A1-xNaxPd3O(A = Ca, Sr), Inorg. Chem. 56 (2017) 5158–5164. [doi:10.1021/acs.inorgchem.7b00307]

M. M. Butala, M. Mayo, V. Doan-Nguyen, M. A. Lumley, C. G¨obel, K. M. Wiaderek, O. J. Borkiewicz, K. W. Chapman, P. J. Chupas, M. Balasubramanian, G. Laurita, S. Britto, A. Morris, C. P. Grey, and R. Seshadri.
Local structure evolution and modes of charge storage in secondary Li-FeS2 cells, Chem. Mater. 29 (2017) 3070–3082 [doi:10.1021/acs.chemmater.7b00070]

C. Cozzan, K. J. Griffith, G. Laurita, J. G. Hu, C. P. Grey, and Ram Seshadri, Structural evolution and atom clustering in beta-SiAlON:beta-Si6-zAlzOzN8-z, Inorg. Chem. 56 (2017) 2153. [doi:10.1021/acs.inorgchem.6b02780]