Sam Krerowicz

Professor Sam Krerowicz started teaching general and organic chemistry as a visiting professor of chemistry at Bates College in the fall of 2019. He received his PhD in organic chemistry in December 2018 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison developing methodologies for using large DNA molecules as building material for microscale objects and received his Bachelors degrees in chemistry and biology in 2012 from Northland College, a small, liberal arts college in far northern Wisconsin on the shore of Lake Superior. In the future he is interested in exploring how organizing synthetic catalysts on DNA can be used to do multi-step syntheses in a more efficient manner. In addition to his love of learning, doing and teaching chemistry, Sam enjoys being in nature and is an avid birder, having seen 472 species of bird in his life and led multiple bird walks for the Audubon Society. Much of his time between graduating and starting at Bates was spent on a father-son road trip to the best birding sites in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona where he and his father had a great time, seeing 216 species of birds.