Sample Sequence of Courses

The chemistry curriculum has been designed to be flexible to accommodate most students and their academic requirements. Several options for completing the major are shown here, though there are many different possible paths one could take.

Students should complete the following by the end of the given year. Note that courses may be taken before that year. For example, Chem 212 should be taken by the end of the junior year, but may be taken in the sophomore year.

First year:

Chem 107 (A or B), Chem 108 (A or B), Math 105, Math 106.

Sophomore year:

Chem 217, Chem 218

Phys 105/106 or Chem 212 and Chem 215

Junior year:

Chem 212, Chem 215, Phys 105/106, Math 205

Senior year:

Chem 301, Chem 302 or 310, electives, S37 or S42, thesis

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