Learning Goals for Majors

Desired learning outcomes for chemistry majors at Bates College

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Students will be able to:

  • Recall, relate, synthesize, deploy knowledge, and solve problems in foundational areas of chemistry – analytical, biological, inorganic, organic and physical.
  • Use standard laboratory equipment, modern instrumentation, and classical techniques to carry out experiments.
  • Employ modern library search tools to locate and retrieve primary chemical literature on a topic. Critically evaluate the chemical literature and use the content of articles to inform classroom and laboratory work.
  • Design experiments, collect data, and interpret results so as to support or refute a hypothesis or research question.
  • Use computational methods to model chemical systems and use computers for data acquisition and processing. Use appropriate software for data analysis including graphing and basic statistics.
  • Communicate work to professional and general audiences in oral and written form in a manner that complies with accepted guidelines of scientific communication. Specific types of communication include written scientific reports, informal and formal oral presentations, and poster presentations.
  • Follow proper procedures and regulations for safe handling, use, and disposal of chemicals and practice safe laboratory procedures.
  • Maintain proper records of laboratory activities.
  • Work in teams in both the classroom and laboratory.
  • Practice science in an ethical and responsible manner.