Tom Sapsford

Thomas D. Sapsford

Visiting Assistant Professor of Classical and Medieval Studies


Classical and Medieval Studies

Pettengill Hall, Room 202


Tom Sapsford is Visiting Assistant Professor in Classical and Medieval Studies at Bates College. He received a B.A. in Classical Studies from the University of Bristol as well as a Graduate Certificate in Gender Studies and a Ph.D. in Classics from the University of Southern California. In the 2020–21 academic year he is teaching Performing Medea: Murder, Magic, and Marginality, Classics and the History of Sexuality, Classical Greek Prose, Latin 102, and Classical Greek Poetry.

His academic interests are ancient Greek and Roman performance cultures, contemporary dance and the classical world, and classics and the history of sexuality. Recent publications include “The Erotics of Hybridity: Transgender Representation in Powell and Pressburger’s The Tales of Hoffmann,” Spectator (2017) and “Epic Poetry into Contemporary Choreography: Two Twenty-First-Century Dance Adaptations of the Odyssey,” in Epic Performances, from the Middle Ages into the Twenty-First Century, F. Macintosh, J. McConnell, S. Harrison, and C. Kenward (eds.) Oxford University Press (2018). He is currently working on a book entitled Performing the Kinaidos: Unmanly Men in Ancient Mediterranean Cultures, Oxford University Press, and is an Early Career Associate at the Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama at the University of Oxford.

Prior to academia, Tom was a professional dancer and choreographer working with institutions such as the Royal Ballet, the Royal Opera House, and the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.


Current Courses

Winter Semester 2021

GRK 202
Classical Poetry

GRK 302
Classical Poetry: Advanced

LATN 102
Elementary Latin II