Group Officers

Bates Engage groups allow real time communication among club members, as well as a drive for files that are relevant to all club members. Campus Life has placed club constitutions on file in each club group for easy reference. To find your club’s Bates Engage group, in the app, tap the search bar at the top of the screen, select the “Groups” search filter, and then type in your club’s name.

In March 2020, all of your club’s Google Group members who are current students were also made members of your club’s Bates Engage group. Please be advised that all communication in your club’s group should abide by the Bates Engage Community Guidelines.

Club leaders are by default the group officers for their Bates Engage group. You can check your club’s officers on record at the Club Contact Directory here. Group officers have special capabilities:

  • Adding files: Group officers can add files to their group. These files are visible to all group members.
  • Membership maintenance: Group officers can add and remove members from their group. Do not edit officers from within Bates Engage – instead submit a Club Directory and Bates Engage Update Form to edit officers on record. This ensures that Campus Life is communicating with the correct people.
  • QR codes: Group officers can generate QR codes for club events. Events populate from EMS ( reservations and the virtual or off-campus event submission form. These codes can be used to track attendance at events – each attendee just needs to scan it using the camera in the Bates Engage app.
  • Participant reports: Group officers can generate participant reports for club events that have QR codes. These reports provide each attendee’s name and email address, allowing for easier communication with individuals who may be interested in engaging further with your club.