Accounting Information

Accounting helps clubs by tracking their account activity – sending a monthly report to each club treasurer – and by enabling club leaders to access their account in order to pay for events/programs and activities. Accounting is located on the second floor of Lane Hall in room 221.

Important Forms

There are multiple ways to spend the funds in your club account.

  • The Advance Request Form is used to withdraw money from your account for purchases.
  • The Payment Request Form is for reimbursement, cash advance reconciliation, and payments to speakers, vendors, artists, and other outside entities performing services at Bates. Per the Club Operations Policy, reimbursement requests must be submitted within ten business days of date of purchase.
  • The Travel Expense Report is for off-campus travel. Per the Club Operations Policy, it must be submitted within ten business days of the date of return to campus. Only one Travel Expense Report will be accepted per trip.
  • You can also pick up the forms in the accounting office (Lane Hall 217) or at the cashier’s office (Lane Hall 221).


Clubs can get cash advances for amounts up to $150 by completing an Advance Request Form and bringing it to the cashier in Lane Hall 221. Any advances over $150 will be made via check and be sent to your Bates mailbox. Advances may not be used to fund overnight trips that have not been approved by Campus Life.

Once you have made your purchase, fill out the Payment Request Form or Travel Expense Report, attach your receipts and have the club treasurer or president approve the purchase. Bring this along with any cash you may have left back to the cashier to clear the advance. Make sure to complete this process – failure to do so may result in personal ramifications or club sanctions.


If you use your personal funds to make a purchase, attach the receipts to a Payment Request Form. You must receive an approval signature from your club treasurer or president and turn the form in to the cashier in Lane Hall 221 for cash up to $150. If the amount of the purchase is greater than $150 the Accounting Office will provide your reimbursement by issuing a check which will be sent to your Bates mailbox. Checks are cut on Thursdays. No one can approve their own reimbursement – if the treasurer or president needs to be reimbursed the other officer needs to approve it or an Office of Campus Life staff member can approve it. Students will not be reimbursed for travel expenses that were not approved by Campus Life in advance of the trip. Per the Club Operations Policy, reimbursement requests must be submitted within ten business days of date of purchase.


Invoices for payments should also be given to the Accounting Office. The club president or treasurer needs to approve these payments. Speaker fees or payment for services require a W-9 form filled out by the person you are paying. Please note that students currently enrolled at Bates College may not be paid using funds from your club account. Note that this is a legal requirement outside of Bates control. If you are paying someone who is a foreign national please check with Sue Dionne well in advance of the person’s arrival. There are federal rules that govern if the person can be paid or not. Never pay for services from your personal funds – always use club money. Payments are generally made via check; checks are cut on Thursdays, and are generally mailed. If your speaker or performer requires a check on-site, inform Sue Dionne when you drop it off, and you may pick it up on Friday morning.

Other Payment Options

You may sign out credit cards from with the Office Manager at the Bates College Store in Kalperis Hall for purchases at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Kmart (Sears), Staples or Best Buy. Once the purchase has been made, take the receipt and the card back to the Office Manager and give them your club account number. Your club will be charged directly for the purchase. Please note that it may take up to two months for these charges to appear on your club account – it is expected for treasurers to keep their own records of purchases made in addition to club account statements to ensure the club is spending money it actually has and does not go into debt.

You can also use the Bates College Store’s credit card to make online purchases. This card cannot be checked out, so be sure to bring a list of items you need to have purchased and your club account number.

If you have other circumstances that do not seem to fit these payment methods please see Sue Dionne in Lane Hall 217. The Accounting Office should be able to find a payment method that works for everyone.