How Would You Describe Your Religious Beliefs?

For some, religious beliefs grow out of family practice. For others, religious beliefs derive from personal experience. For some, religious beliefs are unquestioned principles. For others, religious beliefs generate doubt and interrogation. Some people hold no religious beliefs at all, either as a result of reflection or indifference. As you think about this question, you might find it helpful to consider the essays, “A Daily Walk Just To Listen,” “The Elusive Yet Holy Core,” “Science Nourishes the Mind and the Soul,” “Natural Links in a Long Chain of Being,” “Talking with the Sun,” “Living Life With Good and Elegant Treeness,” “The Light of a Brighter Day,” “The Power of Mysteries,” “Life Grows in the Soil of Time,” “Jazz is the Sound of God Laughing,” “Testing the Limits of What I Know and Feel,” “Goodness Just Doesn’t Happen,” and “There is No God.”

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