What Do You Believe About Yourself?

Do you know what your beliefs are?  Do you have, at least tentative ideas about who you are and what you think about: politics, religion, art, culture?  Where do your beliefs come from?  Why do you believe what you believe?  As you think about these questions, you might want to consider the essays, “A Grown Up Barbie,””Happy Talk,” “The Virtues of the Quiet Hero,” “The 50-Percent Theory of Life,” “The America I Believe In,” “There Is More to Life than My Life,” “Tomorrow Will Be a Better Day,” “Growth that Starts from Thinking,” and “There is No Such Thing as Too Much Barbecue,” “Everything Potent is Dangerous,” ” How Do You Believe in a Mystery,” “Creative Solutions to Life’s Challenges,” “The Benefits of Restlessness and Jagged Edges.”

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