Recommend a Title

As the Common Read Selection Committee considers options for upcoming years of this program, we welcome your contributions of possible titles to review. While we have often selected books, please feel free to include media of any type that you feel would offer possibilities for meeting the following objectives of the Bates Common Read:

    • Is of relevance and interest to participants in the engaged liberal arts
    • Provides opportunity for intellectual curiosity and enjoyment
    • Provides opportunity/ies for continued reference/utilization over time (beyond Orientation)
    • Uses distinctive storytelling method
    • Reflects the mission of the college in a substantial way
    • Provides ideas that are transferable to conversation about community and mutual respect
    • Has the potential to engage participants outside their own perspective and recognize limits of own presuppositions and experiences – to “think otherwise”
    • Presents ideas that may be respectfully challenged
    • Allows for articulation of original thought and response
    • Provides a platform for questioning what it might mean to be a Bates student
    • Is reflective of college texts students may encounter at Bates
    • Is suitable for new-to-college students where initial engagement will be independent
    • Presents the opportunity to meet students where they may be and pull forward developmentally in their thought process (by small or large margin)
    • Text allows for meaningful reflection and analysis
    • Explores theme(s) of social justice

Recommend a title

  • Share a little more about what leads you to recommend this title for consideration for the Common Read.


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