Emergency and Security Information

  • Security and Campus Safety and Bates EMS 786-6111 or 786-6254
  • Lewiston Police 911
  • Calls from a cell phone 9911
  • Lewiston Fire 911
  • Calls from a cell phone 9911

Bates College has full-time, trained Security Officers who patrol the campus on foot, on bicycles, and in a security vehicle 24 hours a day. Communications Officers (dispatchers) staff the security office located at 245 College Street at all times. They answer phone calls directed to Security, including calls from the security phones located throughout the campus, and are in constant contact with security personnel via radio.


There are over 140 security phones strategically located throughout the campus. These phones are connected directly to Security and Campus Safety, and automatically begin to ring when the receiver is lifted or the red button is pushed. Security phones may be used to contact Security for any reason, such as to call for an escort, to report a suspicious person, or to report an emergency. Communications Officers can contact the appropriate emergency personnel (security, police, fire, or medical personnel) and direct them to your location. Each security phone has a blue light above it which is clearly visible at night. Employees should become familiar with the locations of the security phones and their operation.


An Integrated Contingency Plan has been prepared to minimize hazards to human health and the environment potentially caused by fires, explosions, natural disasters, bomb threats, and any unplanned release of hazardous material to air, soil, surface water, or groundwater at or from the facility. The provisions of this plan will be carried out whenever there is a fire, explosion, or release of hazardous material at or from the facility that could threaten human health or the environment.

The important thing to remember in any emergency situation is to dial 786-6111 on your Bates College telephone. The x-6111 number is to the Security and Campus Safety Office who are trained to respond to any emergency on campus. Dialing x-6111 is an effective way of responding since the Security Department will contact the appropriate emergency personnel (security, police, fire, or medical personnel) and direct them to the appropriate location.