Loaner Pool

The DMS Loaner Pool has Mac and PC laptops, external hard drives, video cameras, DSLR cameras, tripods, audio recorders and other A/V equipment available for loan.  Located in Pettigrew 115, it is a free service for faculty, staff and students. Reservations are recommended. Call ext 8341 or (207) 786-8341  to reserve equipment.

  • All equipment is reserved on a first come, first serve basis.
  • All equipment loaned is limited to five business days.
  • Any piece of equipment may be renewed after those five business days if the equipment does not have another reservation on it.
  • A specific piece or equipment may only be borrowed by an individual three times a semester.

Through short-term loans, we provide classes with equipment to support audio and visual projects.

Long Term Loans:

  • Long-term loans may be granted, with permission, to students involved in longer-term projects such as travel abroad or year-long educational projects.
  • Long term loans may also be made to academic departments teaching with specific technology that is not already available in the classroom.

Bates College Loaner Pool User Agreement

  • Equipment borrowed from the Bates College Loaner Pool is available on a short term basis and is limited to five business days at a time.
  • Faculty, staff and students may call or stop by the loaner pool in Pettigrew 115 to reserve equipment. While classes are in session, the loaner pool is open Monday thru Friday, 9 am to 4 pm.
  • Since equipment in the loaner pool is available on a first come first serve basis, reservations are encouraged. Equipment borrowed must be returned by four pm on its due date to allow  preparation for the next reservation AND to avoid overdue charges.
  • A borrower may only borrow a similar type of equipment for a total of three weeks a semester. If you have never used a particular piece of equipment, or you feel you need additional training, we will schedule a time for you to receive that training.
  • Equipment and their pieces are the sole responsibility of the borrower. Missing powercords or  other basic equipment provided with the equipment will also be the responsibility of the  borrower.


After the equipment has been overdue for 10 business days, we will charge the replacement cost of the item to your account. Please be aware that many of our items have very high replacement costs.

Please remember that this pool of equipment services the entire Bates Community. Please continue to treat the service respectfully for all to use.