First Steps: Adding Content to your Course

Lyceum is the college’s course management system.  It’s based on Moodle 3.7, a popular open-source learning platform.  This helpsheet is intended for new users and discusses how to get started loading content into your course.

Log on to Lyceum at with your Bates username and password:

All the courses that you’re enrolled in appear in a list under “My Courses”.  Your list may include course titles in garnet as well as in gray.  Garnet titles indicate courses that are visible to your students and gray titles indicate courses that are hidden from your students (see “Make your Course Visible/Invisible” to learn how to hide or show a course from your students’ view):

Click on the course where you want to add content.  At the course home page, you need to enabling editing by selecting the larger gear in the upper right and from that drop down click on “Turn editing on”

After enabling editing, the page refreshes and a banner informs your that you can “Drag and drop files onto course sections to upload them”:

As you drag one or more files from your desktop to the location on your course page where you want the file to appear, you will be prompted “Add file(s) here”.

The bulk of content is added through the “Add an activity or resource” menu, a link to which appears in each section of your course.

Clicking the link in the section where you want to add content launches the menu:

The most commonly used activities and resources are:

1) File: an uploaded PDF, Image, etc

2) URL: A link to a resources on the WWW

3) Page: A web page created within your course (especially useful for embedding video files)

4) Forum: An threaded discussion forum (See Creating a Forum)

5) Quiz: An online quiz (See Creating a Quiz)

6) Folder: allow for the full upload of files

7) Label: Insert text directly on your course home page