Import Course Content

You can easily copy content from one Lyceum course to another by using the Import utility.  Log on to Lyceum and go to the target course (the course where you want the content imported to).  Select the larger gear icon in the upper right and then select ‘Import’ from the drop down.

To find the course that contains the content you want to import, enter the course’s short title (ECON-260 for this example) in the search field and click the “Search” button:

If more than one section of your course exists in the system, the search will produce of list of courses.  The titles for each course in the list indicates when it was last taught: for example, PSYC-305-A-201509, was taught in 2015-09 (or Fall 2015).  Select the course you want and click the “Continue” button:


Accept the default backup settings.  If you want to import the entire contents of the selected course, click the”Jump to final step” button:

A progress bar will appear:


When the import is completed, click the “Continue” button to go to your course:


If you only want to import some of the course’s content,  click the “Next” button, which will allow you to select specific items to copy to your target course:


You can deselect all the items in the course, by selecting “None”:


After deselecting all the items in the course, you can chose specific, individual resources, activities, etc.  To do so, you must first select the heading or topic under which the item has been stored:


After selecting the individual resources to be imported, click the “Next” button (at the bottom of the screen).  The system will show the items to be imported (indicated by a green check mark):


Select the “Perform Import” button (at the bottom of your screen).  The import progress bar will appear:


When the import is completed, select the “Continue” button to go to  your course: