Adding Different Color Text and Fonts

Instructors have the ability to add different colored text and fonts onto their Lyceum page:

  1. Log into Lyceum and navigate to your user profile in the top right-hand corner of the page. Select ‘Preferences’
  1. You will then be directed to your ‘User Preferences’. Under the ‘User account’ section, select ‘Editor preferences’
  1. On the ‘Editor preferences’ page, select the ‘Text editor’ drop-down list. Select the ‘TinyMCE HTML editor’ to be able to add different fonts, colors, etc. to your Lyceum page
  1. Select ‘Save changes’
  1. Only you will see this editor change. Note that this will change all of the text boxes within all of your Lyceum courses. This can be changed back at any time using the same steps above. Instead of selecting ‘TinyMCE HTML editor’, select ‘Default editor’ and ‘Save changes’