Change the Course Start and End Date

Instructors have the ability to change the start date and end date of their Lyceum course. This can be helpful for the dashboard’s filter option. If the course is not showing on your dashboard, it is most commonly and issue with the filter that is selected (check the ‘Dashboard Filter – Lyceum Courses‘ help sheet).  If you do have the correct filter option selected and it is still not showing your course, you can check the start or end date of your course to make sure it is in the proper timeframe. If not, you can change this yourself and this change will show for everyone enrolled in the course. These following steps will help explain how:

  1. Log into Lyceum and navigate to your desired course.
  2. Select the gear icon on the right side of your course page and select ‘Edit Settings’

  1. Within the ‘Edit course settings’ form, locate the ‘Course start date’ and the ‘Course end date’ fields 
  2. By default, the ‘Course end date’ field will be locked from making changes. To make this editable, select the checkbox next to the ‘Enable’ option
  3. Once you are done setting new dates, scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘Save and Display’