Adding Quickmail

Instructors have the ability to email students directly from their Lyceum course using the Quickmail block. This feature can be added to your course by turning the ‘Editing on’:
And then selecting ‘Add a block’ on the bottom-left margin under ‘My courses’:
The list of blocks that can be added to your course will then appear in the middle of the page. Select ‘Quickmail’:
Once selected, this will automatically be added to the right-hand portion of your Lyceum course:
You can also move these blocks around your course using the icon below:
  1. To email students from Lyceum, click ‘Compose New Email’ (you can also view your Quickmail email history by clicking ‘View History’)
  2. Scroll through the ‘Potential Recipients’ field for who you would like to email (this can be one student or multiple by holding the SHIFT key) and select them
  3. Once they are highlighted, select the ‘Add’ button. This will move those students over to the ‘Selected Recipients’ field. You can also create groups for emailing in sections of students. This is done in the ‘Potential Groups’ field 
  4.  You also have the option to add an attachment to the email (a file, image, etc.), a subject line and message (which both must be completed to be able to send the email), a signature and the option to CC yourself within the email to receive a copy
  5. Once you are done with your email, select ‘Send Email’ at the bottom of the page (you can always save this as a draft and go back to it at a later date)