Tiles Format

The ‘Tiles’ format is a course format that offers a more modular and compressed view for both students and faculty. Rather than presenting your course as a list of sections, rather it be topics or weeks, this format is organized into different sections that are displayed as ’tiles’. This guide will help you set up the ‘Tiles’ format within your Lyceum course.

To start, select your desired Lyceum course. Navigate to the gear in the top right corner of the page and select ‘Edit settings’

Once here, navigate to the ‘Course format’ section (under the ‘Description’ section)

Select the ‘Format’ drop-down box, then ‘Tiles format’

Your page will automatically refresh and update with the tiles format settings. Each option within the tiles settings is explained below

Tile icon: the image/icon that will appear on all of the tiles within your Lyceum course

Color for tiles: the color that will be applied to all tiles within your Lyceum course

Use sub tiles for activities: within each tile, this will show every activity as another tile (sub tile) instead of a list down the page. Note that this does not apply to the labels resource

Progress on each tile: the user’s progress with the activities within the individual tile will appear as either a fraction or a percentage (you have the ability to choose)

Filter bar (Outcomes unavailable): this will automatically display an array of buttons before the tile screen in your Lyceum course. Users can click to filter down tiles to certain ranges

Use sub tiles in top section: sub tiles will be used in the top section of your Lyceum course as well as within all tiles. Note this feature is not recommended as it is currently error prone

Emphasis headings with colored tab: this displays a colored tab top the left of the heading in your Lyceum course whenever a heading style is selected in the text editor

**Note if you are unsure of a feature, select the blue question mark icon (?) next to it

Once you are done customizing your course format, select ‘Save and return’ at the bottom of the page. You will then be directed to your Lyceum course that has updated with the tiles format. If you would like to edit the tiles settings for the overall course, follow the steps from the beginning fo this page. Note you can change these settings at any time during the duration fo your course

This is only an example, note that your course can look vastly different with different settings set

**Follow this link for the Documentation on Tiles and more detailed information on its settings: https://evolutioncode.uk/index.php/tiles/docs/teachers/