Google Assignments: Students

Follow these steps to view how to submit your Google Assignment in your Lyceum course:

  1. Firstly, select your Google Assignment link in your Lyceum course. You will be asked to link your Bates google account. Once it is linked, you will view the assignment as below. You will need to select ‘Open in Assignments’ to submit your file:

  1. You can either ‘Add files’, this can be pulled directly from your google drive or you have the option to upload a file from your local computer, or you can ‘Create’ a new google doc, sheet, or slide. If you select create, google will automatically create a new file in your google drive and will be saved

  1. Once uploaded, you will select ‘Submit’ and will be directed to the page below:

Submitting an Assignment with an Attached File

Instructors can add files to their Google Assignments in Lyceum and this will give you the ability to annotate that file. This can be helpful for those who would like to take notes or make comments during an essay or writing prompt

  1. Select the attached file
  1. You will be directed to this file in a different tab and will have the ability to highlight and comment on different sections
  1. Once finished, you can resubmit your (now annotated) file, attach a new file to the assignment, or attach both. In this example, the student attaches both
  1. Select ‘Submit’

**Note that for these examples, a PDF file has been submitted